EEB Monday Seminar Archives - 2018

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/22/2018 Faculty Recruitment -
01/29/2018 Mary Caswell Stoddard Princeton University The evolution and ecology of avian eggs Bronstein
02/05/2018 *CHEM 134* Faculty Recruitment -
02/12/2018 Faculty Recruitment -
02/19/2018 Faculty Recruitment -
02/26/2018 Michael J. Wade Indiana University Comparison of natural and artificial gene drives Barker
03/12/2018 Heath Blackmon Texas A&M The evolution of large-scale genome structure: sex chromosomes and chromosome number Barker
03/19/2018 Rebecca Irwin NC State University Floral pharmacies for native and managed bees Bronstein
03/26/2018 Rafik Neme Columbia University Medical Center Exploration of bioactive peptides in random sequence space: An experimental model to de novo gene birth Masel
04/09/2018 Christopher Klausmeier Michigan State University Trait-based approaches to plankton ecology & evolution Chesson
04/16/2018 Albert Barberan SWES Microbial macroecology: where microbes, large-scale patterns and big data meet Saleska