News and Announcements

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09/30/2012 Kevin Bonine receives Early-Career Teaching Award from the College of Science
10/31/2012 Judie Bronstein named Editor-in-Chief of American Naturalist
11/02/2012 Final Oral Examination - Ellen Martinson
11/02/2012 Final Oral Examination - Jennifer Hughes Wisecaver
11/07/2012 EEB Doctoral Student Pacifica Sommers featured in UA Science News
11/09/2012 Final Oral Examination - Mary Jane Epps
11/16/2012 Final Oral Examination - Catherine Hulshof
11/21/2012 Final Oral Examination - Bonnie Hurwitz
11/27/2012 10th Annual Conservation Cosilience: Artistic Expression Inspired By Conservation Biology
11/27/2012 EEB Doctoral Student Ben Blonder featured in UA Science News
11/27/2012 Mithcell Pavao-Zuckerman and Ecology 302 students take to the streets!
11/28/2012 Dr. Noah Whiteman's plant toxin research and Dr. Alexander Badyaev's photos featured in UA Science Special Section of the Arizona Daily Star
12/06/2012 University Distinguished Professor Induction Ceremony - Dr. Judith Bronstein
12/07/2012 Dr. Matt Sullivan receives Moore Foundation Award
12/12/2012 Dr. Alex Badyaev elected Fellow of AAAS
12/12/2012 Dr. Brian Enquist elected Fellow of AAAS
12/14/2012 Taichi Suzuki research in Arizona Daily Star
01/18/2013 Will Driscoll and Jeremiah Hackett new Evolution paper in UA News
01/24/2013 EEB Graduate Recruitment, 10-13 February
02/05/2013 Michael Worobey research in Arizona Daily Star
02/07/2013 Neo Martinez research in the 2013 documentary "Darwin's Extra Sense: How mathematics is revolutionizing biology".
02/12/2013 Michael Nachman research in Arizona Daily Star
02/14/2013 Matthew Sullivan's new Nature paper in UA News
02/15/2013 Guanzhu Han is the Winner of the 2012 Hoshaw Award
02/25/2013 Yue (Max) Li receives NSF's DDIG award
03/04/2013 Michael Hammer new paper in UA News
03/22/2013 The 2013 EEB Graduate Award Winners announced
03/31/2013 Judie Bronstein featured by UANow
04/02/2013 Matina Donaldson-Matasci paper featured in Nature's Research Highlights
04/05/2013 Anna Dornhaus honored as "Local Genius" by Tucson's MOCA
04/10/2013 Two EEB grads awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
04/15/2013 IGERT Symposium on Genomics and Gene Expression on 4/26.
04/19/2013 Congratulations to the 4th Annual EEB Undergrad Research Poster Session Winners
04/29/2013 Larry Venable's long-term ecological research is in UA News and NSF News
05/07/2013 Michael Hammer's reseach team discovers genetic basis of severe childhood seizures
06/24/2013 Shea Lambert's Evolution 2013 talk in ScienceNow
06/25/2013 Rick Michod's research group receives large NASA grant
07/05/2013 Michael Hammer and colleagues' new Nature paper
07/10/2013 John Wiens's new Ecol. Letters paper in UA News
07/12/2013 Richard Brusca and Wendy Moore publish new book
07/23/2013 Bruce Walsh receives the 2013 CoS Distinguished Career Teaching Award
07/25/2013 Matthew Sullivan's new PNAS paper in UANews
08/06/2013 Enquist Lab's new Ecol. Letters paper in the news
08/21/2013 Margaret Kidwell Endowment Reception on 29 August 2013
09/04/2013 EEB Welcome Reception today!
09/20/2013 iPlant receives $50 million from NSF for national cyberinfrastructure in biological sciences
09/24/2013 Scott Saleska and collaborators receive $3.9 million DOE grant to study soil microbes' effect on climate
10/22/2013 Joanna Masel and Noah Whiteman receive The John Templeton Foundation grants
11/08/2013 Brian Enquist research featured in Arizona Public Media
11/22/2013 Barry McCabe receives a 2013 Star Award from the College of Science Staff Advisory Council
12/18/2013 John Wiens's new Proc. Roy. Soc. paper in UA News
12/19/2013 3PM Today! Carol Freeman Celebration!
01/09/2014 Neo Martinez's PLOS Biology paper featured in Wired
02/01/2014 Deep Genomics Symposium: April 3-5, 2014
02/02/2014 Joint Faculty Search: Seminar schedule
02/05/2014 Jennifer Gremer and Larry Venable's new Ecology Letters paper in the news
02/18/2014 Mike Worobey's two new papers - in Nature and Biology Letters - in the news.
03/17/2014 The White House names Ben Blonder a Champion of Change
03/18/2014 Paul CaraDonna new PNAS paper in the news
04/03/2014 Deep Genomics Symposium, April 3-5
04/10/2014 Peter Reinthal and EEB's Museum of Natural History in the news
04/15/2014 5th Annual EEB Undergraduate Research Poster Session, 16 April, 1-3 pm. North Veranda, BioSciences West
04/16/2014 Jean Mason receives The 2014 EEB's College of Science Staff Excellence Award
04/17/2014 Congratulations to the winners of 5th Annual EEB Undergrad Research Poster Session
04/21/2014 Congratulations to the 2014 CoS Graduate Award Honorees
04/22/2014 Congratulations to the 2014 EEB Galileo Circle Scholars
04/29/2014 Mike Worobey's new PNAS paper in the news
07/15/2014 Matt Sullivan's new Nature and PNAS papers in the news
07/23/2014 Brian Enquist's new Nature paper in the news
08/06/2014 Noah Whiteman's new Biology Letters paper in the news
08/19/2014 Four EEB faculty receive NSF awards
08/24/2014 EEB Welcome Reception on 8/25 at 5pm
08/28/2014 Jean Mason's Farewell Reception today
09/16/2014 Matt Sullivan's new eLife paper in the news
09/26/2014 Scott Saleska and Kevin Bonine are the Haury Program Faculty Fellows
10/06/2014 Brian Enquist's new PNAS paper in the news
10/23/2014 Scott Saleska's and Virginia Rich's new Nature paper in the news
10/24/2014 Alex Badyaev is a Winner of the 2014 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year title
10/29/2014 Mike Barker's new PNAS paper in the news
12/01/2014 EEB in the 2014 Arizona Daily Star Science
12/05/2014 Seven EEB students named Goodding Scholars
01/23/2015 Eugenio Larios is honored by ESA
01/28/2015 Noah Whiteman's PNAS paper in the news
02/19/2015 Dan Papaj elected Fellow of the Animal Behavior Society
02/20/2015 Renee Duckworth's new Science paper in the news
04/01/2015 The 2015 Galileo Circle Graduate Scholars selected
04/07/2015 John Wiens's new PLoS One paper in UA News
04/10/2015 Winners of the 2015 EEB Graduate Awards announced
04/11/2015 Judie Bronstein’ research in UA News
04/15/2015 The EEB 6th Annual Undergraduate Research Poster Session today at 1pm
04/16/2015 EEB Front Office wins the 2015 College of Science Staff Excellence Award
04/19/2015 Congratulations to winners of 2015 EEB Undergraduate Research Poster Session
05/04/2015 Peter Chesson elected a Fellow of ESA
05/07/2015 Two EEB students are recognized at The 2015 CoS Awards Reception
05/14/2015 The 2015 Darwin/Wallace Scholars announced
05/21/2015 Matt Sullivan's research in Science's Special Issue
06/05/2015 Katrina Dlugosch's Nature Plants paper in the news
06/23/2015 Mike Barker's new PNAS paper in the news
07/13/2015 Anna Dornhaus's Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology paper in the news
07/25/2015 Mike Sanderson’s new paper reveals surprising features of saguaro plastid genome
08/12/2015 EEB Welcome Reception on 24 August, at 5 pm, in Copper Hall of Congress Hotel
10/20/2015 Scott Saleska's field work is featured at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
10/27/2015 Brian Enquist's new TREE paper in the news
10/29/2015 Judie Bronstein publishes a new book
11/17/2015 Winners of the 2015 Hoshaw Award announced
11/20/2015 Mike Barker's Science Advances paper in the news
01/13/2016 Mike Worobey receives Louise Foucar Marshall Science Research Professorship
01/28/2016 Mike Sanderson's research in Arizona Daily Star
01/31/2016 New EEB job search: Integrative Evolutionary Biologist
02/26/2016 Scott Saleska's research is the cover of Science
03/21/2016 Pennie Rabago receives 2016 CoSSAC Star Award
03/28/2016 Larry Venable's paper wins the 2016 Mercer Award.
04/15/2016 Winners of the 2016 EEB Graduate Awards announced
04/22/2016 Lauren Harrison wins EEB’s 2016 CoS Staff Excellence Award
04/25/2016 7th Annual EEB Undergraduate Research Poster Session on 28 April, 12-3pm
04/26/2016 Rick Michod's Nature Communication paper in the news
05/02/2016 The 2016 Galileo Circle Graduate Scholars selected
05/05/2016 Two EEB students are recognized at The 2016 CoS Awards Reception
05/19/2016 Peter Chesson's paper receives the 2016 Theoretical Ecology Prize
05/26/2016 Mike Barker receives the 2016 Botanical Society of America's Emerging Leader Award
06/10/2016 Judie Bronstein elected a Fellow of ESA
07/01/2016 Scott Saleska's Nature paper in the news
08/16/2016 2016 EEB Welcome Reception on 22 August 2016
09/09/2016 Dan Papaj's research in the news
09/22/2016 Goggy Davidowitz's American Naturalist paper in the news
10/04/2016 John Wiens's Biology Letters paper in the news
10/26/2016 Mike Worobey's new Nature paper in the news
11/11/2016 Mike Worobey's new Science paper in the news
12/01/2016 John Wiens's Proceedings B paper in the news
02/07/2017 Larry Venable and Russ Monson named ESA Fellows
02/21/2017 Dan Papaj's new paper in the news
03/07/2017 EEB Symposium honoring Dr. Michael Rosenzweig
03/08/2017 Winner of the 2016 Hoshaw Award is announced
04/13/2017 Tyeen Taylor's research in the news
04/24/2017 Joanna Masel’s Nature Ecology & Evolution paper in the news
04/26/2017 Sarah Kortessis and Meredith Larrabee are co-winners of the 2017 COSSAC Staff Excellence Award
04/28/2017 EEB winners of the College of Science Graduate Student awards are announced
05/08/2017 The 2017 Darwin/Wallace Biodiversity Scholars announced
07/25/2017 Rob Robichaux’s new Biological Conservation paper is featured in NPR program
08/25/2017 Alex Badyaev receives the 2017 College of Science Distinguished Career Teaching Award
09/11/2017 Anna Dornhaus's new PLoS One paper in the news
10/13/2017 Peter Chesson's research in the news
10/29/2017 Joanna Masel's new PNAS paper in the news
10/30/2017 Mike Sanderson's new PNAS paper in the news
03/05/2018 Brian Enquist elected a Fellow of ESA