EEB Noon Seminar Archives - 2018

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/16/2018 Nicole Leitner Dornhaus Lab Exploring the role of sensitivity differences in social insect division of labor -
01/16/2018 Joey Charboneau Sanderson Lab Did polyploidy predate the rapid radiation of New World Astragalus (Fabaceae) -
01/23/2018 Shelley Smith Graduate College Fellowship Advice -
01/23/2018 Elsa Abs Ferriere Lab How soil microbial eco-evolutionary dynamics mediate carbon cycle feedback to climate change -
01/30/2018 Anthony Baniaga Barker Lab Characterization of the Selaginella arizonica x eremophila hybrid zone in Southern Arizona -
01/30/2018 Ahvi Potticary Duckworth Lab TBD -
02/06/2018 Kayla Sale Martinez Lab Effect of pollination on food web stability and community composition -
02/06/2018 Neill Prohaska Saleska Lab Variable species responses to severe drought in the context of declines in ecosystem transpiration fluxes from an Amazon forest -
02/13/2018 Nick DiRienzo Dornhaus Lab Individual variation in the extended phenotype: consequences of development and contributions to foraging -
02/13/2018 Hannah Marx Barker Lab Gene expression plasticity and the persistence of plant species across environmental variation -
02/20/2018 Zach Grochau-Wright Michod Lab Exploring the genetic control of soma development in divergent Volvox species -
02/20/2018 Joe Braasch Dlugosch Lab Community responses to climate change -
02/27/2018 Brendan Larsen Worobey Lab Discovery and Evolution of a Novel Clade of Paramyxoviruses in Arizona Mammals -
02/27/2018 Liz Miller Wiens Lab What determines the species richness of genera? -
03/06/2018 Spring Break -
03/13/2018 First Year Cohort First Year Cohort Rotation Presentations -
03/20/2018 Gordon Smith Papaj/Bronstein Labs Explaining sex differences in hawkmoth pollen load diversity -
03/20/2018 Matt Rhodes Bronstein Lab TBD -
03/20/2018 Zheng Li Barker Lab Homosporous ferns and lycophytes with high chromosome numbers are paleopolyploids -
03/27/2018 Joseph Matheson Masel Lab TBD -
03/27/2018 Dinah Davison Michod Lab TBD -
04/03/2018 Alice Cang Dlugosch Lab TBD -
04/03/2018 Evan Kelemen Dornhaus Lab TBD -
04/10/2018 Brian Maitner Enquist Lab TBD -
04/10/2018 Hongseok Ko Martinez Lab TBD -
04/17/2018 Cristian Roman-Palacios Wiens Lab TBD -
04/17/2018 Katie Chenard Duckworth Lab TBD -
04/24/2018 Chenlu Di Worobey Lab TBD -
04/24/2018 Alison Harrington Arnold Lab TBD -
05/01/2018 Michiel Pillet Evans Lab TBD -
05/01/2018 Lorah Patterson Enquist Lab TBD -