Supplemental Comp Schedule

Please see accountants for detail regarding the the 2019 Faculty supplemental comp form.

Faculty supplemental compensation form

Hiring Students
Students must be already enrolled in classes to be hired under this classification. The rate of pay varies from $8.05 to $28.00 per hour and should correspond to the duties assigned. Students are limited to 25 hours per week while school is in session for the total of all on campus jobs. F-1 and J-1 Visa holders are limited to 20 hours per week while school is in session. It is the responsibility of the Student and Supervisor to make sure those hours are not exceeded.
Please reference the student employment manual for more information - Student Employee Manual
To initiate hire please download, print, and fill out the appropriate Student Hiring Form and bring it to the EEB Business Office. This form is to be filled out by the Principal Investigator or Professor and needs to be turned in BEFORE the student begins work - New Hire Request Form
Hiring Graduate Students
To hire a graduate student as a Teaching Assistant please contact Pennie Rabago for further assistance.
Graduate Research Assistants can be hired in a semester per semester basis or in summer as summer supplementation. Please contact Lili Schwartz to coordinate payment.
Hiring Classified Staff
A position description must be drafted and posted for a minimum of 5 days. Once a candidate is selected, before an offer is made, the department must conduct standard pre-employment screening which entails verification of academic credentials, relevant licenses or certifications, work history and job performance. If the position is considered to be security sensitive, then a criminal background check must also be completed. For more information on recruitment and pre-employment policies go to Human Resources Recruitment and Hiring Policies
Classified Staff Titles, Job Descriptions, Pay Grades
Employment Categories
It is important to use the correct category of employment when posting a position. Consult Lili Schwartz with any questions.

Employment Categories

Hiring Affiliates, Associates and Volunteers
For more information about Affiliates, Associates and Volunteer’s please visit the following website

If an employee is ending all University employment have them fill out a Termination form and see Lili Schwartz in the EEB Business Office.
Termination Form