If you use your own money for a purchase, you may be reimbursed provided your purchase falls within established University policies. Prior to purchase, please check with the Business Office. This will help in preventing delays in the reimbursement process. Original, itemized receipts are required.

Please remember - Receipts must be turned in to the EEB Business Office within ten (10) days of purchase to allow for proper processing by the office and the UA Accounts Payable office. Receipts received by Accounts Payable after 60 days from the receipt date will be included as taxable income. This is an IRS ruling that the UA must enforce.


If you plan on inviting a technical consultant or guest speaker to whom you plan on offering expense reimbursement, please contact the Business Office PRIOR to issuing the invitation to ensure that such payment will be allowed within University policies.

Individuals cannot pay foreign visitors (or on their behalf) with personal funds. This is unallowable per UA policy. All requests for payments to foreign visitors must be paid directly by the UA to the visitor or an appropriate third party vendor.

Job candidates can be reimbursed for interview travel expenses if and only if there is an existing job posting and they have applied for said position.

Reimbursement Guidelines (.pdfs)

Reimbursement Request Form

Reimbursement Spreadsheet (Excel Spreadsheet)