Robert W. Hoshaw Memorial Scholarship

The Robert W. Hoshaw Memorial Scholarship was established in 1993.
This award is the highest honor for graduate students in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department.  Bob always looked to the future and worked to establish programs and educate students who would carry on the vital work of advancing our knowledge of algae and biology as a whole.  This award allows us to provide recognition and assistance to graduate students in EEB that are dedicated scientists and educators.
2017 Recipient:

Erik Hanschen

My research addresses the evolution and origins of multicellularity and how that multicellularity affects the evolution of sexual traits. I use comparative genomics to understand how changes in cell cycle regulation and cellular differentiation underlie the evolution of multicellular species. Once multicellularity has evolved, it should cause the evolution of sexual traits including origin of internal fertilization and the origin of male and female, which in turn causes the evolution of morphologically different males and females. My other interests include understanding the evolutionary patterns and genetic mechanisms related to the evolution of hermaphroditism from separate sexes and reversions from hermaphroditism to separate sexes again.
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