EEB Monday Seminar Schedule

Held every Monday at 3:00pm in Environment & Natural Resources 2, Room S107 (unless otherwise noted) (building location map)

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Date Speaker From Title Host
09/09/2019 Deborah Goldberg **ENR2 S225** University of Michigan Community dynamics in response to climate change Bronstein & Enquist
09/16/2019 Nancy Emery **BSW 208** University of Colorado, Boulder Adaptation & specialization in variable environments Venable
09/30/2019 Daniel Kronauer The Rockefeller University Differentiation, Communication, and Emergence in Ant Societies Dornhaus
10/07/2019 Bernd Würsig Texas A&M University, Galveston Dolphin Communication: So Much Going On EEB
10/14/2019 Daniel Schrider UNC Chapel Hill Modern Population Genomic Inference Barker & Enard
10/21/2019 Greta Binford Lewis and Clark College How the brown recluse got its bite: evolution of venom toxins across a novel toxin recruitment Papaj
10/28/2019 Goggy Davidowitz **BSW 208** UA Entomology What do pollinators do with the nectar they drink? EEB
11/04/2019 Caroline Tucker UNC Chapel Hill Not so simple: Confronting complexity in trait-based analyses Enquist
11/18/2019 Jeremy Beaulieu **BSW 208** University of Arkansas Embracing the hidden strengths of comparative methods: examples from models of trait-dependent diversification Barker
11/25/2019 Rodolfo Dirzo Stanford University Defaunation in the Anthropocene: Consequences for ecosystems and humans Bronstein
12/02/2019 Gil Rosenthal Texas A&M University Mate-choice mechanisms and the evolutionary process Wiens
12/09/2019 Wulfila Gronenberg UA Neuroscience Social insects and the ‘social brain hypothesis’ EEB