EEB Monday Seminar Schedule

Held every Monday at 3:00pm in Environment & Natural Resources 2, Room S107 (unless otherwise noted) (building location map)

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Date Speaker From Title Host
09/10/2018 Parents and Science Panel Discussion Climate Awareness Week
09/17/2018 Emily Sessa University of Florida Fern tales at two scales: Using phylogenetics to study historical biogeography in Africa and community assembly in Florida Barker
09/24/2018 Pamela Yeh **Koffler 216** UCLA Using higher-order drug combinations and emergent properties to combat multi-drug resistant pathogens Enquist/Enard
10/01/2018 Van Savage UCLA Scaling across body size, temperature, and traits to predict food-web stability and functional biodiversity Enquist
10/15/2018 Carrie Olson-Manning **ENR2 S225** Augustana University Elaboration of the corticosteroid synthesis pathway in primates through duplication, constraint, and specialization of a multi-step enzyme Gutenkunst
10/22/2018 Aleeza Gerstein **ENR2 S215** University of Manitoba Parallelism and variability in the evolution of drug resistance and virulence in fungal microbes Barker
10/29/2018 Elizabeth Pringle **Koffler 216** University of Nevada, Reno And when it rains it pours: how water stress affects plant defensive mutualisms Bronstein
11/05/2018 William Pearse Utah State University Advances in the design and analysis of evolutionary ecology and phenological studies Enquist
11/19/2018 Steven Poe University of New Mexico Is there an island effect? Comparative tests of speciation, morphology, and assemblage structure in Anolis lizards Wiens
11/26/2018 William Wetzel Michigan State University Plant diversity and the ecology of plant-insect interactions Bronstein
01/28/2019 Daniele Silvestro University of Lausanne Inferring macroevolutionary processes using fossils and phylogenies Wiens
02/04/2019 Stuart Newman NY Medical College Physico-genetics of development and the predictability of morphological evolution Badyaev & Michod
02/18/2019 Chris Adami Michigan State University Evolution of drift robustness and the curious case of RNA editing in Trypanosomes Masel
02/25/2019 Mario Muscarella University of Illinois Microbes and molecules: How resources and traits shape communities EG Search
02/28/2019 Liana Burghardt **Thurs, Feb 28 @ 2PM, LTRR 110 University of Minnesota From genes to communities: The legume-rhizobia nitrogen-fixing symbiosis EG Search
03/11/2019 Seth Rudman University of Pennsylvania Eco-evolutionary dynamics and ecosystem genomics as tools for understanding populations, communities, and ecosystem functions EG Search
03/18/2019 Jon Harrison Arizona State University Why does metabolic rate scale hypometrically in animals? Dornhaus
03/19/2019 Yang Song **Tues, Mar 19 @ 2PM in ENR2 S225 Oak Ridge National Laboratories Harnessing the power of microbial metagenomics to predict ecosystem functioning in changing environments EG Search
03/25/2019 Mike Ryan University of Texas 'Crazy love'-- nonlinearities and the irrationality in mate choice Papaj
04/01/2019 Jill Hamilton North Dakota State Adaptation in a changing climate: evolutionary genetics to inform restoration and conservation Dlugosch
04/08/2019 Robert Raguso Cornell Landscapes of linalool: geographic mosaic of an invisible floral trait Bronstein & Papaj
04/15/2019 Rebecca Kilner University of Cambridge Life after death: the behaviour and evolution of burying beetles Duckworth
04/22/2019 Tom Miller Rice University Plant population responses to environmental change Evans
04/29/2019 Mike Shapiro University of Utah Fancy features and a checkered past: genetics of diversity in the rock pigeon Barker
09/09/2019 Deborah Goldberg **ENR2 S225** University of Michigan Community dynamics in response to climate change Bronstein & Enquist
09/16/2019 Nancy Emery University of Colorado, Boulder TBA Venable
09/30/2019 Daniel Kronauer The Rockefeller University TBA Dornhaus
10/07/2019 Bernd Würsig Texas A&M University, Galveston Dolphin Communication: So Much Going On EEB
10/14/2019 Daniel Schrider UNC Chapel Hill Modern Population Genomic Inference Barker & Enard
10/21/2019 Greta Binford Lewis and Clark College TBA Papaj
10/28/2019 Goggy Davidowitz UA Entomology What do pollinators do with the nectar they drink? EEB
11/04/2019 Caroline Tucker UNC Chapel Hill TBA Enquist
11/18/2019 Jeremy Beaulieu University of Arkansas TBA Barker
11/25/2019 Rodolfo Dirzo Stanford University TBA Bronstein
12/02/2019 Gil Rosenthal Texas A&M University Mate-choice mechanisms and the evolutionary process Wiens
12/09/2019 Wulfila Gronenberg UA Neuroscience TBA EEB