EEB Monday Seminar Archives - 2009

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/26/2009 Yoav Gilad University of Chicago, Dept. of Human Genetics Gene regulation in primates evolves under tissue-specific selection pressures Michael Nachman
02/02/2009 Briana Gross NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellow, Washington University in St. Louis. Origin and evolution of weedy and domesticated rice Michael Nachman
02/09/2009 Nadia Singh Postdoctoral Associate, Cornell University The importance of scale in Drosophila evolutionary genomics Michael Nachman
02/16/2009 Daniel Dennett Tufts University The Evolution of Reasons Rick Michod
02/23/2009 Jared Leadbetter California Institute of Technology Phylogenetic analysis of CO2-reductive acetogenesis in termite and roach gut microbial communities Zakee Sabree (Moran Lab)
03/02/2009 Katrina Dlugosch Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia Adaptation and the evolutionary ecology of colonization: lessons from introduced species Michael Nachman
03/09/2009 Noah Whiteman Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University Mining host and parasite genomes: insights into coevolution Michael Nachman
03/23/2009 Andrew Clark Cornell University Variation in the gene regulatory network for Drosophila innate immunity PERT, Nancy Moran
03/30/2009 Doug Emlen University of Montana On the origin and evolutionary diversification of beetle horns Goggy Davidowitz
04/06/2009 Donald Strong University of California, Davis Ecological and Evolutionary Misadventures of Introduced Spartina Peter Chesson
04/13/2009 John Tyler Bonner Princeton University Size, Complexity and Natural Selection Matt Herron & Rick Michod
04/20/2009 Mark Siegal New York University Phenotypic robustness and network centrality in yeast Joanna Masel
04/27/2009 David Sloan Wilson SUNY Binghamton Truth and Reconciliation for Group Selection John Pepper
05/04/2009 Andrew Martin University of Colorado Inferences from Surveys of Microbial Communities: Talus Slopes and Flea Guts Bill Birky
08/31/2009 Dr. Anna Dornhaus UA-EEB Evolution of collective behaviors in social insects - seeking ultimate answers -
09/07/2009 Labor Day No Seminar will occur this week. -
09/14/2009 Dr. Joanna Masel UA-EEB Evolutionary capacitors and evolvability -
09/21/2009 Dr. Nancy Huntly Idaho State University Putting people in the web of Nature: the long-term roles of the Aleut in the North Pacific Peter Chesson
09/28/2009 Dr. Travis Huxman UA-EEB Water, carbon and climate change in our North American deserts. -
10/05/2009 Dr. Alex Badyaev UA-EEB The origin of the fittest: Investigating the link between adaptation and evolutionary change -
10/12/2009 Dr. Peter Chesson UA-EEB The emerging multitrophic diversity maintenance theory -
10/19/2009 Dr. Nick Waser UC Riverside The Ecology of Place, and New Perspectives in Pollination Biology Judie Bronstein
10/26/2009 Dr. Paul Rainey New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study Bacteria as parasites, hosts, cooperators, cheats, replicators, cells Matt Herron
11/02/2009 Dr. Shana Goffredi Occidental College Beneficial symbiotic interactions between bacteria and deep-sea marine invertebrates Matt Sullivan
11/09/2009 Dr. James Thomson University of Toronto Explaining evolutionary shifts between bee and hummingbird pollination: convergence, divergence, and directionality Anna Dornhaus
11/16/2009 Dr. Jesse Bloom CalTech Molecular constraints on protein adaptation: from biomolecular engineering to predictive evolutionary biology of influenza virus Joanna Masel
11/23/2009 Dr. Dave Stephens University of Minnesota Evolutionary economics of information use: from simple signals to learning Dan Papaj
11/30/2009 Dr. Vanja Klepac-Ceraj Harvard Medical Ecology of Cystic Fibrosis respiratory tract microbial communities Matt Sullivan
12/07/2009 Dr. Mark Young Montana State University Archaeal viruses in the wild Matt Sullivan