EEB Monday Seminar Archives - 2010

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/25/2010 Gabrielle Rocap U Washington BSW219 TODAY ONLY - Ecology and evolution of marine cyanobacteria - insights from comparative genomics Matt Sullivan
02/01/2010 Rafe Sagarin UA Institute of the Environment A Return to Observational Ecology Travis Huxman
02/08/2010 Michael Ruse Florida State U Does biology have a paradigm and if so what is it? Joanna Masel
02/15/2010 Cameron Currie U of Wisconsin Symbiosis as evolutionary innovation: use of antibiotic-producing bacteria by fungus cultivating insects PERT _ Zakee Sabree
02/22/2010 Louis Bernatchez Laval U On the origins of species: Insights from the ecological genomics of whitefish Michael Nachman
03/01/2010 Michael Worobey UA - EEB The emergence of the 2009 swine flu pandemic, and a biogeographical perspective on the age of simian immunodeficiency virus -
03/08/2010 Daven Presgraves U Rochester The evolution and genetics of hybrid incompatibilities in Drosophila Michael Nachman
03/22/2010 Kostas Konstantinidis GA Tech A metagenomic view of bacterial species and speciation Matt Sullivan
03/29/2010 Ragan Callaway University of Montana Novel biochemistry and exotic plant invasions Graduate students _ Christine Lamanna
04/05/2010 Scott Hodges UCSB Aquilegia: a genomic model system for the study of ecology, evolution and development Judie Bronstein
04/12/2010 Mike Sanderson UA Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Building the tree of life one (small) tree at a time -
04/19/2010 Jon Wilkins Santa Fe Institute Genomic imprinting and the evolutionary origins of maladaptivebehaviorGenomic imprinting and the evolutionary origins of maladaptivebehavior Joanna Masel
04/26/2010 RESCHEDULED to 5/10 -
05/03/2010 Linda Rayor Cornell Living with cannibals: Costs and benefits of group-living in social and solitary Australian huntsman spiders Anna Dornhaus
05/10/2010 Seirian Sumner Institute of Zoology, London BSW219, 2:15pm - Evolution of sociality in insects PERT _ Vanessa Corby-Harris
05/10/2010 Dr. Jeremiah Hackett UA-EEB GS906, 4PM - Gene transfer and endosymbiosis in the evolution of microbial eukaryotes -
08/30/2010 No Seminar -
09/06/2010 No Seminar - LABOR DAY -
09/13/2010 Matt Sullivan EEB Faculty Occen Viruses: Tiny entities with global impacts P&T
09/20/2010 Scott Saleska UA - EEB Carbon cycle feedbacks to climate from the Amazon to the Arctic: does ecology matter? P&T
09/27/2010 Michael Worobey UA - EEB Emerging Pathogens: the evolutionary genetics of RNA viruses P&T
10/11/2010 Maggie So UA Immunobiology Commensal Neisseria Genomes: Clues to Pathogen Behavior Michod
10/18/2010 Michael Nachman EEB The genetic basis of speciation in house mice Sullivan
10/25/2010 Steven Hallam U British Columbia From Fjords to open seas: Ecological genomics of expanding oxygen minimum zones Sullivan
11/01/2010 Mya Breitbart U South Florida Viral Discovery in the Age of Metagenomics: Exploring Infections, Environmental Reservoirs, and Transmission Mechanisms Sullivan
11/08/2010 Nick Woolf UA-Astronomy What is life, and how did it start? Michod
11/15/2010 John Wiens Stony Brook University Reconstructing and using the Tree of Life: Lessons from reptiles and amphibians Sanderson
11/22/2010 Leonie Moyle Indiana University The origin of Solanum species: from genes to GIS Nachman
11/29/2010 Dale Clayton University of Utah Co-evolutionary ecology of birds and ectoparasite communities Whiteman
12/06/2010 Woodward Fischer CalTech Life before the rise of oxygen Saleska