EEB Monday Seminar Archives - 2011

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/24/2011 Lindy McBride, Faculty Candidate The Rockefeller University The Genomics of Insect Host Adaptation to rotting fruit, wildflowers, and human blood -
02/07/2011 David Lowry, Faculty Candidate University of Texas, Austin The landscape evolutionary genomics of adaptation and speciation -
02/14/2011 Angela Hancock, Faculty Candidate University of Chicago Population Genomics of Adaptations to the Environment -
02/21/2011 Bill Birky U of A DNA Barcoding the Right Way: A Theory-based Method for Species Detection and Identification -
02/28/2011 Dmitri Petrov Stanford University Adaptation in Drosophila Masel
03/07/2011 Julio Bentancourt University of Arizona How do plant migrations actually happen? Lessons past and recent invasions in the American West Huxman/Enquist
03/14/2011 No Seminar - SPRING BREAK -
03/21/2011 Jonathan Levine UC Santa Barbara The Importance of Niches for the Maintenance of Species Diversity EEB Graduate Students
03/28/2011 Doug Futuyma Stony Brook Macroevolution and the Evolutionary Synthesis Whiteman
04/04/2011 Ryan Gutenkunst U of A Natural Selection: Biochemical Network Dynamics and Demographic History -
04/11/2011 Martin Lechowicz McGill University Predicting Dominance and Diversity in Plant Communities along Environmental Gradients Enquist Lab
04/18/2011 John Sperry University of Utah Moving Water Well: the Hydraulic Biology of Plants Enquist
04/25/2011 Alison Bell University of Illinois, Urbana Consistent Individual Differences in Behavior in Threespined Sticklebacks Papaj
05/02/2011 Rob Robichaux University of Arizona Silverswords and Lobeliads: Restoring Hawaii's Marvels of Evolution -
08/29/2011 Cristian Solari & Vanina Galzenati UA Volvocales as a Model System for the Evolution of Multicellularity and Testing Ecological Theories Michod
09/05/2011 Labor Day Holiday Seminar will not occur on this date -
09/12/2011 Neo Martinez Pacific Ecoinformatics and Computational Ecology Lab Ecosystem Function, Evolution and Economics of Ecological Networks Enquist
09/19/2011 Goggy Davidowitz UA Physiological Synergism and Antagonism in the Evolution of Life Histories -
09/26/2011 Massimo Pigliucci City University of New York Toward an Extended Evolutionary Synthesis? Enquist
10/03/2011 Molly Hunter UA Dynamics of Bacterial Symbionts Influencing Reproduction and Life History of Whiteflies and their Parasitoids -
10/10/2011 Hinsby Cadillo-Quiroz ASU Methanogens in Northern Peatlands: Ecology and Community Patterns Saleska
10/17/2011 Bruce Baldwin UC Berkeley Cryptic Diversity in the California Flora: Challenges for Systematics and Conservation Sanderson
10/24/2011 Mark Vellend Universit_ de Sherbrooke Integrating Ecology and Genetics: Patterns, Experiments, and Ideas Enquist
10/31/2011 Alexandros Stamatakis Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies Disentangling Evolution on Supercomputers Sanderson
11/07/2011 John Willis Duke University Genetic Analysis of Adaptation and Speciation in Mimulus Nachman
11/14/2011 Brendan Bohannan University of Oregon Response of Microbial Biodiversity to Land Use Change in the Amazon Rainforest Saleska
11/21/2011 Mohamed Noor Duke University Recombination, Speciation, and Nucleotide Diversity in the Drosophila Pseudoobscura Species Group Whiteman
11/28/2011 Dan Blumstein UCLA The Sound of Fear Enquist
12/05/2011 Kirsten Bomblies Harvard Genomics of Adaptation in Autotetraploid Arabidopsis Arenosa Whiteman