EEB Monday Seminar Archives - 2012

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/23/2012 Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos University of Queensland, Australia Disentangling an Entanglement of Daisies: How Natural Selection Drives Speciation in *Senecio pinnatifolius.* Barker
01/30/2012 Dave Baltrus UA So, Horizontal Gene Transfer is an Important Evolutionary Process In Microbes....Now What Do We Do? Whiteman
02/06/2012 Cynthia Riginos University of Queensland, Australia Reproductive Strategies of Reef Fishes Predict both Within-Species Genetic Differentiation and Within-Family Species Richness Nachman
02/13/2012 Boris Worm Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia Ocean Planet: Patterns of Marine Biodiversity, and Their Conservation Sullivan
02/20/2012 Fyodor Kondrashov CRG (Centre for Genomic Regulation), Barcelona Room change, MARLEY 230 - Quantifying the Role of Epistasis in Protein Evolution Badyaev
02/27/2012 Scott Nuismer University of Idaho Species Interactions and the Establishment and Diversification of Polyploid Lineages Barker
03/05/2012 Ken Whitney Rice University Evolutionary and Genetic Factors Influencing Species Invasions Dlugosch
03/12/2012 Spring Break No Seminar Spring Break - No Seminar -
03/19/2012 Matt Hahn Indiana University Gene Gain, Gene Loss, and Gene Movement in Evolution Barker
03/26/2012 Deborah Goldberg University of Michigan Linking Traits to Community Dynamics Bronstein
04/02/2012 Eric Lyons UA Making Sense of Genome Structure, Evolution and Dynamics as Quickly as Possible Barker
04/09/2012 Kailen Mooney UC-Irvine Plant Genetic Effects on Interactions among Arthropods: Linking Evolutionary and Community Ecology Whiteman
04/16/2012 Brian Enquist UA Towards a Trait-Based View of the Study of Biological Diversity: New Insights to Deciphering Diversity Gradients and 'Scaling Up' to Ecosystem-Level Processes -
04/23/2012 Sean McMahon Smithsonian Institution Nowcasting forests in a changing world Enquist/Evans
04/30/2012 Manuel Lerdau University of Virginia Ecological and Evolutionary Aspects of Plant Impacts on Air Quality Huxman
08/20/2012 Dr. Titus Brown Michigan State University TBD-Brown Bonnie Hurwitz
08/27/2012 Dr. Noah Whiteman UA-EEB Evolution of herbivory and host plant specialization in insects Dr. Richard Michod
09/03/2012 NO SEMINAR - Labor Day -
09/10/2012 Dr. Denise Dearing University of Utah Eating and not dying: strategies for coping with dietary toxins Dr. Noah Whiteman
09/17/2012 Dr. Renee Duckworth UA-EEB Ecological and evolutionary contingency of complex adaptation: Insights from development Dr. Richard Michod
09/24/2012 Dr. Rafe Sagarin UA-Institute of the Environment Observation and Ecology: Broadening the Scope of Science to Understand a Complex World Dr. Richard Michod
10/01/2012 CANCELLED -
10/08/2012 Dr. Nicholas J. Strausfeld, UA Regents Professor UA-Department of Neuroscience Arthropod brains: their evolution and what they suggest about the brains of other phyla. -
10/15/2012 Dr. Peter Chesson UA-EEB Nonstationary community dynamics: rising to the challenge of climate change, past present and future -
10/22/2012 Dr. Mark McPeek Dartmouth College What's Climate Got to Do with Building Biological Communities? Dr. Judie Bronstein
10/29/2012 Dr. Thomas W. Swetnam, UA Regents Professor UA-Tree Ring Lab Fire and Climate-Driven Forest to Shrubland/Grassland Type Conversion: “What’s Past is Prologue”? Dr. Noah Whiteman
11/05/2012 Dr. Megan Frederickson University of Toronto Rethinking mutualism stability: cheaters, sanctions, and more Dr. J. Bronstein/Dr. N. Whiteman
11/12/2012 NO SEMINAR - Veteran's Day -
11/19/2012 Dr. Rebecca Safran University of Colorado The role of divergent sexual selection in speciation Dr. R. Duckworth/Dr. N. Whiteman
11/26/2012 Dr. Helene Muller-Landau Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Quantifying contributions to diversity maintenance in tropical forests in theory and practice Dr. Peter Chesson
12/03/2012 Dr. Kathleen Donohue Duke University Pleiotropy in the wild: How seasons alter the genetic basis of life histories Dr. Larry Venable