EEB Monday Seminar Archives - 2013

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/14/2013 Dr. James Mallet Harvard Hybridization and speciation in butterflies of the Amazon rainforest Dr. Michael Barker
01/21/2013 NO SEMINAR - MLK, Jr. Day -
01/28/2013 Dr. Abby Swann University of Washington Ecoclimate Teleconnections: remote effects of the interactions between ecosystems and climate Dr. Scott Saleska
02/04/2013 Dr. Sean Graham UBC Phylogenetics and evolution of some early and oddball plants Dr. E. Sessa/Dr. M. Barker
02/11/2013 Dr. Stephen Stearns Yale University CANCELLED - Evolution in a contemporary human population: Lessons from Framingham Dr. Renee Duckworth
02/18/2013 Dr. Michael Angilletta Arizona State University Predicting biological responses to climate change: the devil is in the details Dr. Brian Enquist
02/25/2013 Dr. Iain Couzin Princeton University From democratic consensus to cannibalistic hordes: the principles of collective behavior EEB Grad Students
03/04/2013 Dr. Jessica Gurevitch SUNY-Stony Brook Biological invasions from three perspectives: Landscape demography, a general conceptual framework and a systematic review of the literature Dr. Judie Bronstein
03/11/2013 NO SEMINAR - Spring Break -
03/18/2013 Dr. Brandon Gaut UC-Irvine RNA silencing, DNA methylation and its effects on plant genome size, structure and function Dr. Michael Barker
03/25/2013 Dr. Greg Barron-Gafford UA-Biosphere 2 Exploring the ecology of semiarid land-cover and land-use change in anticipation of a changing climate Dr. Katrina Dlugosch
04/01/2013 Dr. Stephen Smith University of Michigan Next generation phylogenetics: examining correlates and conflicts among many data sources Dr. M. Barker/Dr. E. Sessa
04/08/2013 Dr. James Bever Indiana University Dynamics and Maintenance of the Plant-Mycorrhizal Fungal Mutualism Dr. Katrina Dlugosch
04/15/2013 Dr. John Harte UC-Berkeley Maximum entropy and inference of pattern in ecology: Extending theory from statics to dynamics Dr. B. Enquist/B. Blonder
04/22/2013 Dr Paul Hohenlohe University of Idaho Population genomics for evolutionary & conservation biology in non-model organisms Dr. K. Dlugosch/Dr. B. Barker
04/29/2013 Dr. Priyanga Amarasekare UCLA Diversity maintenance in variable environments: effects of temperature variation on population and community dynamics Dr. Peter Chesson
08/26/2013 Dr. Tim Linksvayer University of Pennsylvania The extended genotype of honey bee queen development Dr. Anna Dornhaus/Dr. Svjetlana Vojvodic
09/02/2013 LABOR DAY - NO SEMINAR -
09/09/2013 Dr. Jeremiah Hackett University of Arizona-EEB Endosymbiosis and Lateral Gene Transfer in the Evolution of Novel Traits P&T
09/16/2013 Dr. Dave Begun UC-Davis De novo gene evolution in Drosophila Dr. Noah Whiteman
09/23/2013 Dr. Brian Johnson UC-Davis Exploring the genetic basis of division of labor in honey bees using RNA-Seq Dr. Anna Dornhaus/Dr. Svjetlana Vojvodic
09/30/2013 Dr. Regis Ferriere University of Arizona-EEB Evo-evolutionary theory: Insights into the ecological causes and consequences of evolution P&T
10/07/2013 Dr. Todd Palmer University of Florida Mutualism in a community context: ants, plants and elephants in East Africa Dr. Judie Bronstein
10/14/2013 Dr. Larry Venable University of Arizona-EEB Population and community dynamics of Sonoran Desert annual plants EEB
10/21/2013 Dr. Mark Kirkpatrick UT-Austin Genome evolution by natural and sexual selection Dr. Michael Barker
10/28/2013 Dr. Ricardo Azevedo University of Houston Recombination and the origin of species Dr. Joanna Monti-Masel
11/04/2013 Dr. Peter Adler Utah State University Let's guide the bandwagon: linking trait-based ecology with population theory Dr. Larry Venable
11/18/2013 Dr. Dolph Schluter University of British Columbia Quest for the origin of stickleback species Dr. Katrina Dlugosch
11/25/2013 Dr. Rachel Gallery University of Arizona-SNRE Microbial controls of plant community diversity and ecosystem processes [Consideration for Joint Faculty appointment] Dr. Brian Enquist
12/02/2013 Dr. Joshua Weitz Georgia Tech University Death or dinner? Phage-bacteria infections and consequences at the ecosystem scale Dr. Matt Sullivan
12/09/2013 Dr. Joel Sachs UC-Riverside Evolutionary origins and evolutionary diversification of bacterial mutualisms Dr. Judie Bronstein