EEB Monday Seminar Archives - 2014

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/20/2014 No seminar - MLK -
01/27/2014 Yuseob Kim Ewna Womans University Adaptive evolution in pathogen populations under complex population structure Masel
02/03/2014 Tim Keitt UT Austin Modeling the imprint of landscape heterogeneity on populations and communities Enquist
02/10/2014 Richard Lenski (**Room Change: CHEM 134**) Michigan State U Time Travel in Experimental Evolution Badyaev
02/17/2014 Scott Saleska UA Scaling carbon cycling from organisms to ecosystems in temperate forests and thawing permafrost wetlands EEB
02/24/2014 Aurelio José Figueredo UA Psychology Estimation of genomic level heritability coefficients of human life history traits TBA
03/03/2014 Luis Cisneros ASU Cancer metabolism and the origin of multicellularity EEB Graduate Students
03/10/2014 Stephen Stearns (**Room Change: CHEM 134**) Yale Evolutionary conflict and mental disease: The origins of autism and schizophrenia Duckworth
03/17/2014 No seminar - Spring Break -
03/24/2014 Martin Polz MIT Ecology and evolution of bacterial populations in the wild Sullivan
03/31/2014 Kern Reeve Cornell Three ways that selfishness promote intra-group cooperation Bronstein
04/07/2014 Jill Preston University of Vermont Evolution of flowering time in seasonally cold-adapted grasses Whiteman/Beilstein
04/14/2014 TBA -
04/21/2014 Doris Bachtrog UC Berkeley TBA Whiteman
04/28/2014 Steve Jackson USGS Coming to terms with time in community ecology Bronstein
05/05/2014 Zach Gompert Utah State U Genomic insights into the organization and structure of biological diversity in a butterfly species complex Barker
08/25/2014 No Monday Seminar -
09/08/2014 Katrina Dlugosch EEB Genetic influences on the ecology of species invasion -
09/15/2014 Mike Barker EEB The risks, rewards, and rules of living with a duplicated genome -
09/22/2014 Neo Martinez EEB Socio-Ecosystem Networks: Integrating Ecology, Evolution and Economics -
09/29/2014 Berry Brosi Emory Pollinator behavioral plasticity as a driver of ecological network dynamics and biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships Papaj
10/06/2014 Rick Michod EEB A Darwinian approach to complexity: Evolutionary transitions in individuality in the volvocine algae -
10/13/2014 Brad Olson Kansas State Univeristy Peering into the pond for clues to multicellularity Michod
10/20/2014 Nolan Kane UC Boulder Hybridization and the Origins of Novelty Barker
10/27/2014 Karina Boege UNAM Natural selection on complex phenotypes of plants Whiteman
11/03/2014 Daniel Promislow Univ. Washington Metabolomics, Networks, and the Biology of Aging Masel
11/10/2014 Anna Kuparinen Helsinki Life-history evolution, Allee effect and environmental noise in the context of population recovery: case-studies with Atlantic cod Martinez
11/17/2014 Stacey Smith Univ. Colorado The origin of red flowers: genetic mechanisms, ecological drivers and macroevolutionary patterns Wiens
11/24/2014 Peter Chesson EEB Aedt: A new concept for ecological dynamics in the nonstationary world -
12/01/2014 Sarah Schaack Reed Stuck Inside of Mobile: Looking at the Dynamics of DNA Movement Within and Between Genomes over Short and Long Time Periods Jeffrey Streicher (Wiens lab)
12/08/2014 Jim Leebens-Mack University of Georgia Plant phylogenomics: Comparative analyses of plant genes and genomes Barker