EEB Monday Seminar Archives - 2016

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/18/2016 MLK day (no seminar) -
01/25/2016 Melissa Wilson Sayres Arizona State University Sex-biased genome evolution Barker
02/01/2016 Pamela Soltis University of Florida Polyploidy and evolutionary novelty Wiens
02/08/2016 David Pfennig University of North Carolina Developmental plasticity, competition, and the origins of diversity Duckworth
02/15/2016 Jeffrey Feder Notre Dame University Sequential Divergence and the Origin of Community Biodiversity: A Case Study in Rhagoletis Fruit Flies and Their Parasitoids Dlugosch
02/22/2016 Clarence Lehman University of Minnesota Mutualism, superexponential population dynamics, and ecology of the Anthropocene Masel
02/29/2016 Robert Cox University of Virginia When one genome serves two masters: intralocus sexual conflict in the brown anole Wiens
03/07/2016 David Reznick UC Riverside Experimental studies of the interaction between ecology and evolution in a natural ecosystem Wiens
03/14/2016 Spring Break -
03/21/2016 David Jablonski University of Chicago Shaping the latitudinal diversity gradient: Origination, extinction, and range shifts EEB Grad Students
03/28/2016 Craig Benkman University of Wyoming Explorations of species interactions and their evolution Wiens
04/04/2016 Jessica Metcalf Princeton University Disease in motion: childhood infections in a changing world Venable
04/11/2016 Stuart Hurlbert San Diego State University The logical incoherence of modern statistical practice Rosenzweig
04/18/2016 Fanliang He University of Alberta Assessing extinction risk of species Chesson
04/25/2016 Matthew Forister University of Nevada-Reno Global, experimental, and genetic perspectives on the evolution of specialists and generalists Wiens
05/02/2016 Daniel Moen Oklahoma State University The diversification of ecology and morphology in frogs: the roles of convergent evolution and evolutionary history Wiens
08/29/2016 Marc Johnson University of Toronto How to defend one’s self against many enemies – a micro- to macroevolutionary perspective Bronstein
09/12/2016 Tony Dean University of Minnesota Selection in temporally variable environments Masel
09/19/2016 Scott Saleska University of Arizona The importance of ecology in scaling carbon cycling from organisms to ecosystems P&T
09/26/2016 Neo Martinez University of Arizona Synthesizing ecology with ecological networks P&T
10/03/2016 Nate McDowell Los Alamos Laboratory Accelerating global vegetation mortality Saleska
10/10/2016 Reuven Dukas McMaster University Social and asocial behaviour in fruit flies Dornhaus
10/17/2016 Catherine Linnen University of Kentucky From mutations to species: causes and consequences of host use variation in pine sawflies Dlugosch
10/24/2016 Dave Breshears University of Arizona Connectivities and drivers associated with global vegetation mortality EEB
10/31/2016 Josh Puzey College of William and Mary Genomic consequences of asymmetric hybridization and polyploidization in British monkeyflower Barker
11/07/2016 Ryan Gutenkunst University of Arizona Inferring natural selection using population- and network-scale models EEB
11/14/2016 Todd Castoe Univ.Texas at Arlington Ancient, recent and ongoing adaptation in snake genomes Wiens
11/21/2016 Flavia Costa National Institute of Amazon Research (INPA) Can functional traits explain plant performance? A test in Amazon forest communities Saleska
11/28/2016 Lara Kueppers Univ. California, Berkeley Trees at the edge: How seedling responses to climate change can shape the pace and pattern of forest elevation shifts Saleska
12/05/2016 Betsy Arnold University of Arizona Perspectives from leaves and lichens on the scale and distribution of the global endobiome EEB