EEB Monday Seminar Archives - 2017

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/23/2017 Norman Ellstrand University of California, Irvine Is Gene Flow the Most Important Evolutionary Force in Plants? Dlugosch
01/30/2017 Andrew Cohen University of Arizona Using Scientific Drilling To Understand The Ecological and Evolutionary History of Ancient Lakes EEB
02/06/2017 Sally Otto University of British Colombia Genomic scope of adaptive mutations in the face of an environmental challenge. EEB Grad Students
02/13/2017 Yaniv Brandvain University of Minnesota Speciation by a shift in mating system Barker
02/20/2017 Sergey Gavrilets University of Tennessee Models of speciation: where are we now? Badyaev
02/27/2017 Joachim Hermisson University of Vienna Population Genetics of Evolutionary Rescue Masel
03/06/2017 Todd Schlenke UA Entomology Antagonistic coevolution between hosts and parasites: Drosophila and their parasitoid wasps EEB Joint-faculty Candidate
03/20/2017 Luciano Matzkin UA Entomology Genomics of ecological adaptation and reproductive incompatibility EEB Joint-faculty Candidate
04/03/2017 Martin Heil Cinvestav, Unidad Irapuato Partner manipulation in mutualism and parasitism Becerra
04/10/2017 Christina Riehl Princeton Cheaters and collaborators: The evolution of cooperative breeding in a tropical bird Bronstein
04/17/2017 Christopher Doughty Northern Arizona University The impact of drought and warming on tropical forests Saleska
04/24/2017 Patrick Phillips University of Oregon Evolution as process and probe: understanding the systems genetics of stress and aging Ferriere
05/01/2017 Stacey Tecot University of Arizona TBA Papaj
08/28/2017 Katrina Dlugosch University of Arizona The rapid evolution of interactions with a changing environment: genetics, genomics, traits, and trade-offs P&T
09/11/2017 Michael Barker University of Arizona The long shadow of polyploidy: genome duplication and the evolution of plant diversity P&T
09/18/2017 Kiona Ogle Northern Arizona University Drivers of plant and ecosystem functioning and their time-scales of influence Ferriere
10/02/2017 Catherine Wagner University of Wyoming Speciation and diversity in African cichlid fishes Wiens
10/09/2017 David McCandlish University of Pennsylvania Modeling and understanding complex fitness landscapes Masel
10/16/2017 Gordon Fox University of South Florida Demographic heterogeneity within populations, and why it matters Venable
10/23/2017 James Nieh **ENR2 S225** University of California, San Diego Cries in the colony: Honey bee functionally referential communication of danger Papaj
10/30/2017 Emília P. Martins Arizona State University Phenotypes in context: predicting behavior in a changing world Dornhaus
11/06/2017 Bruce A. Hungate Northern Arizona University Quantitative Microbial Ecology and Ecosystem Science: New Frontiers Saleska
11/13/2017 Amy Angert University of British Columbia Shifting dynamics of demography and adaptation across geographic gradients Venable
11/20/2017 Marjorie Weber **KOFFLER 218** Michigan State University Linking plant-arthropod interactions with macroevolution Bronstein
11/27/2017 Rick Prum Yale University The evolution of beauty Venable
12/04/2017 Norman Wickett Chicago Botanic Garden Using phylogenomics to resolve species and functional histories in diverse non-model organisms Barker