EEB “Noon” Seminar Schedule

Held every Tuesday from 12:30-1:45pm in Biological Sciences West, Room 208 (building location map)

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Date Speaker From Title Host
09/11/2018 Dlugosch, Hackett, Enard Course and seminar organization with grads (faculty attendance optional) -
09/18/2018 Paul Nelson Masel Lab The evolution and devolution of cooperation: from microbiomes to soma -
09/25/2018 Paul Blischak Barker and Gutenkunst Labs Developing computational tools for evolutionary inferences in polyploids -
09/25/2018 Kenny Chapin Dornhaus Lab The behavior and evolution of contests -
10/02/2018 Brittany Sutherland Barker Lab Polyploidy: Reproduction, Evolution, and Disease -
10/09/2018 First Year Cohort First Year Cohort Presentations -
10/16/2018 Claes Andersson Toward a macro-evolutionary theory of human evolution – the social protocell Dr. Michod
10/23/2018 Joseph Matheson Masel Lab TBA -
10/23/2018 Sandra Duran Enquist Lab TBA -
10/30/2018 David Kikuchi Dornhaus Lab How Receiver Psychology Directs Signal Evolution: Studies of Mimicry -
11/06/2018 Judie Bronstein Binders Full of Women: The Earliest Female Contributors to The American Naturalist, 1867-1917 -
11/13/2018 Josh Scholl Venable Lab Why do some organisms simultaneously produce morphologically different offspring? -
11/13/2018 Joe Braasch Dlugosch Lab Plant responses to climate change: communities and species -
11/20/2018 Greg Chism Dornhaus Lab The influence of nest architecture on colony organization in ants -
11/20/2018 TBA -
11/27/2018 Alice Cang Dlugosch Lab TBA -
11/27/2018 Sophie Gryseels Worobey Lab Calibrating the early HIV-1 epidemic with archival viral genomes -
12/04/2018 First Year Cohort First Year Cohort Presentations -
01/15/2019 Moira Hough **ENR2 S215 Saleska Lab How does permafrost thaw alter microbial decomposition of plant carbon and greenhouse gas feedbacks? -
01/15/2019 Zach Grochau-Wright **ENR2 S215 Michod Lab How many roads did the fierce rollers travel? Exploring the genetic and developmental mechanisms of Volvox convergent evolution. -
01/22/2019 Brendan Larsen Worobey Lab Host specificity, diversity, and evolution of Paramyxoviruses from North America -
01/22/2019 Miles Mesa Dlugosch Lab Constraints on Plant Tolerance and Resistance -
01/29/2019 Brian Maitner Enquist Lab Trait-scaled phylogenies in conservation, or: the tropics are over-rated -
01/29/2019 David Kikuchi Dornhaus Lab Communication in communities: ecological and evolutionary consequences -
02/05/2019 Nick Kortessis Chesson Lab Character displacement in the presence of multiple trait differences: Evolution of the storage effect in germination and growth -
02/05/2019 Ahvi Potticary Duckworth Lab The ecological basis of an emergent behavioral trait -
02/12/2019 Liz Miller Wiens Lab Sexual selection, habitat, and diversification of fishes -
02/19/2019 Hongseok Ko Ferriere Lab Machine learns ecological networks: automated discovery of ecological network based on empirical data -
02/19/2019 Katie Chenard Duckworth Lab Structural perspectives on the evolution of personality -
02/26/2019 Chenlu Di Enard Lab The rate of adaptation in human non-infectious disease genes -
02/26/2019 Joey Charboneau Sanderson Lab Characterizing selenium hyperaccumulation and its molecular basis in a rapid radiation of legumes -
03/05/2019 Spring Break Spring Break -
03/12/2019 First Year Cohort First Year Cohort Presentations -
03/19/2019 Evan Kelemen Dornhaus Lab Resolving Michener's Paradox is all about scale -
03/19/2019 Neill Prohaska Saleska Lab Coordination of hydraulic traits and stomatal response during severe drought in an Amazon tropical forest -
03/26/2019 Stefan Popp Dornhaus Lab Sniffing Their Footprints May Help Searching Ants -
03/26/2019 Adam Chmurzynski Enquist Lab Pervasive asymmetry reduces metabolic scaling efficiency in trees -
04/02/2019 Noah Giebink Papaj Lab Receiver psychology in plant-pollinator interactions -
04/02/2019 Dinah Davison Michod Lab Phenotype-first evolution of somatic cells in the volvocine green algae -
04/09/2019 Alyssa Smith Dlugosch Lab The roots of coexistence: assessing root behavior among kin in native and non-native ranges -
04/09/2019 Shuli Chen Saleska Lab The other side of drought: what is the effect of water table depth on Amazon forest green-up? -
04/16/2019 Lorah Patterson Enquist Lab Assessing the impact of climate change on Rocky Mountain flowering phenology -
04/16/2019 Dinah Davison Michod Lab Phenotype-first evolution of somatic cells in the volvocine green algae -
04/23/2019 Zheng Li Barker Lab Why do homosporous ferns have high number of chromosomes? -
04/23/2019 Cristian Roman-Palacios Wiens Lab Phylogenetics and the Tree of Life -
04/30/2019 Matiss Castorena Salaks Enquist Lab Coloring the black box of plant metabolism from cells to ecosystems -
04/30/2019 Michiel Pillet Enquist Lab TBA -
09/03/2019 Dr. Ryan Gutenkunst MCB DFEnitely Different Genome-wide characterization of differences in mutation fitness effects between populations -
09/10/2019 Robbie Burger Postdoc in Enquist Lab TBA -
09/10/2019 Liz Carpenter Dlugosch Lab TBA -
09/17/2019 Joey Charboneau Sanderson Lab TBA -
09/17/2019 Blake Joyce Research Computing, UITS TBA -
09/24/2019 Cancelled -
10/01/2019 Alison Harrington Arnold Lab TBA -
10/01/2019 Kelly Heilman Postdoc in Evans Lab TBA -
10/08/2019 Barbara Dobrin Sanderson Lab TBA -
10/15/2019 First Year Students First Year Cohort Rotations -
10/22/2019 Natasha Tigreros Postdoc in Davidowitz Lab TBA -
10/22/2019 Emily Schultz Postdoc in Evans Lab TBA -
10/29/2019 Chiou-Rong Sheue Sabbatical Visitor in Chesson Lab TBA -
10/29/2019 Dr. Dave Breshears SNRE TBA -
11/05/2019 Greg Chism Dornhaus Lab TBA -
11/05/2019 Tierney Shaible Matzkin Lab TBA -
11/12/2019 Alice Boyle Sabbatical visitor in Bronstein Lab TBA -
11/19/2019 Austin Cruz Bronstein Lab TBA -
11/19/2019 Noah Giebink Papaj Lab TBA -
11/26/2019 Alaina Michaels Dornhaus Lab TBA -
11/26/2019 Kathryn Busby Bronstein Lab TBA -
12/03/2019 Brendan Larsen Worobey Lab TBA -
12/03/2019 Alice Cang Dlugosch Lab TBA -
12/10/2019 First Year Students First Year Cohort Rotations -