EEB “Noon” Seminar Schedule

Held every Tuesday from 12:30-1:45pm in ENR2 S225, unless otherwise noted. (building location map)

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Date Speaker From Title Host
09/03/2019 Dr. Ryan Gutenkunst MCB DFEnitely Different Genome-wide characterization of differences in mutation fitness effects between populations -
09/10/2019 Liz Carpenter Dlugosch Lab Evidence for a growth-defense tradeoff in yellow starthistle (ROOM: ENR2 S107) -
09/10/2019 Robbie Burger Postdoc in Enquist Lab Toward a metabolic theory of life history and demography (ROOM: ENR2 S107) -
09/17/2019 Joey Charboneau Sanderson Lab Chloropast phylogenetics in the New World clade of Astragalus (Fabaceae) -
09/17/2019 Blake Joyce Research Computing, UITS What UA Research Computing Can Do for You and Your Research: everything we do is free so you should definitely come and ask questions -
09/24/2019 Cancelled -
10/01/2019 Alison Harrington Arnold Lab Endophytic fungal collections fill gaps in the Fungal tree of life by linking perspectives from molecular ecology and fungal systematics -
10/01/2019 Kelly Heilman Postdoc in Evans Lab Vegetation Responses to Long-Term Environmental Changes at a Savanna Forest Boundary -
10/08/2019 Barbara Dobrin Sanderson Lab Widespread among-branch evolutionary rate heterogeneity in insect proteins -
10/15/2019 First Year Students First Year Cohort Rotations -
10/22/2019 Natasha Tigreros Postdoc in Davidowitz Lab TBA -
10/22/2019 Emily Schultz Postdoc in Evans Lab TBA -
10/29/2019 Chiou-Rong Sheue Sabbatical Visitor in Chesson Lab TBA -
10/29/2019 Dr. Dave Breshears SNRE TBA -
11/05/2019 Greg Chism Dornhaus Lab Nest architecture influences how ant colonies organize in their nest space -
11/05/2019 Tierney Shaible Matzkin Lab TBA -
11/12/2019 Alice Boyle Sabbatical visitor in Bronstein Lab From dance moves to dispersal: rainfall and the ecology of tropical and grassland birds -
11/19/2019 Noah Giebink Papaj Lab TBA -
11/19/2019 Austin Cruz Bronstein Lab Community and metacommunity ecology of urban cochineal in the Sonoran Desert -
11/26/2019 Alaina Michaels Dornhaus Lab TBA -
11/26/2019 Kathryn Busby Bronstein Lab TBA -
12/03/2019 Brendan Larsen Worobey Lab TBA -
12/03/2019 Alice Cang Dlugosch Lab TBA -
12/10/2019 First Year Students First Year Cohort Rotations -