EEB Noon Seminar Archives - 2009

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/20/2009 Dr. William Schaffer & Dr. Tatiana Bronnikova EEB Biological Dynamics of Malaria and Inflammation. -
01/27/2009 Taylor Kessinger EEB - Masel Lab Leaky readthrough as a cause of preadaptation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 3' UTRs -
01/27/2009 Dr. Joanna Masel EEB Faculty The yeast prion [PSI+]: evolution of evolvability or just a sexually transmitted disease? -
02/03/2009 Deborah Shelton EEB - Michod Lab Quantifying DNA damage in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. -
02/03/2009 Kathy Gerst EEB - Venable Lab The importance of mating system and herbivory on the timing of reproduction in desert annual plants. -
02/10/2009 Dr. Renee Duckworth Simpson Fellow Evolution of integrated phenotypes: from developmental plasticity to diversification in birds. -
02/17/2009 Dr. Daniel Dennett Tufts University TBA -
03/03/2009 Dr. Margaret Couvillon EEB - Dornhaus Lab The hows and whys of worker caste size polymorphism in bumble bees (Bombus impatiens). -
03/03/2009 Catherine Hulshof EEB - Enquist Lab Inter- and intraspecific plant trait variation in the dry tropical forests of Costa Rica. -
03/10/2009 Kevin Vogel EEB - Moran Lab Degradation of symbiont genes and their effect on host nutrition. -
03/24/2009 Dr. Athena Aktipis EEB - Pepper Lab Parental investment without kin recgnition: Simple rules promote proximity maintenance and benefit transmission -
03/31/2009 Dr. Jake Weltzin USA National Phenology Network Dr. Jake Weltzin - USA National Phenology Network -
03/31/2009 Dr. Brigitte Marazzi EEB - Sanderson Lab Large-scale diversification in Senna (Leguminosae): insights on the evolution of floral specialization and extrafloral nectaries. -
04/07/2009 Brad Christoffersen EEB - Saleska Lab What controls the seasonality of evapotranspiration in the Amazon basin? Insights from a suite of models and observations. -
04/14/2009 Dr. Regis Ferriere EEB Faculty Adaptive dynamics _ Exploring the interaction of ecological and evolutionary processes. -
04/21/2009 Kristen Potter EEB - Davidowitz Lab Feeling the heat: Linking egg microclimate with hatchling performance in Manduca sexta. -
04/21/2009 Tuan Cao EEB - Dornhaus Lab The effects of crowding on social behavior and colony energetics in Temnothorax ants. -
09/01/2009 Dr. Megan Phifer-Rhixey UA-EEB Nachman Lab Spatially-varying selection on shell color in the flat periwinkle snail Littorina obtusata -
09/01/2009 Dr. Polly Campbell UA-EEB Geographic variation in the songs of singing mice: Local adaptation or neutral divergence? -
09/08/2009 Dr. John Pepper UA-EEB Multilevel Selection and the First General Theory of Cancer -
09/15/2009 Dr. Omar Eldakar PERT/Pepper Lab Nice guys don't always finish last: How sexual conflict is mediated by the population structure. -
09/15/2009 Christopher Meehan EEB - Bronstein Lab Herbivory in a spider through exploitation of an ant-plant mutualism. -
09/22/2009 Matt Herron UA-EEB Michod Lab Does biology need an organism concept? -
09/22/2009 Dr. Pierre Durand UA-EEB Michod Lab Is programmed organismal death ever adaptive? -
09/29/2009 Dr. Scott Powell UA-EEB Dornhaus Lab Specialization in the adaptive radiation of social insect lineages. -
10/06/2009 Dr. Matina Donaldson-Matasci UA-EEB Dornhaus Lab The adaptive value of collecting information about an uncertain environment. -
10/13/2009 Dr. Pierre Durand UA-EEB Michod Lab The evolution of death, Part 1 -
10/13/2009 Dr. Armin Rashidi UA-EEB Michod Lab The evolution of death, Part 2 -
10/20/2009 Dr. Allison Hansen UA-EEB Moran Lab Roles of heritable bacterial endosymbionts in psyllids. -
10/27/2009 Dr. Michael Lynch Indiana University Mutation and Evolution -
11/03/2009 Dr. Aimee Dunlap UA-EEB Dornhaus Lab Reliability & change in the evolution of learning. -
11/10/2009 Galen Holt UA-EEB Chesson Lab Drift in Streams: Effects on Coexistence -
11/10/2009 Julio Ignacio-Espinoza UA-EEB Sullivan Lab T4-like phages: Comparative genomics of marine representatives. -
11/17/2009 Dr. Hisayoshi Nozaki University of Tokyo Colonial Volvocales, a model lineage unveiling the origin of female and male. -
11/24/2009 Will Driscoll UA-EEB Pepper Lab What limits cheating in Pseudomonas chlororaphis bacterial biofilms? -
12/01/2009 Dr. Etienne Rajon UA - EEB Masel Lab Local adaptation of dormancy strategies -
12/08/2009 Dr. Annie Leonard UA-EEB Papaj Lab Signal detection and the evolution of complex floral signals -
12/08/2009 Kathy Gerst UA-EEB Venable Lab Reproductive phenology in selfing and outcrossing desert annual plants -