EEB Noon Seminar Archives - 2010

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/19/2010 No Speaker Seminar will not occur on this date. -
01/26/2010 Dr. Philip Bergmann UA-EEB PostDoc Characterizing macroevolution: Tempo and mode of vertebral and body shape evolution in lizards -
01/26/2010 Bonnie Hurwitz UA-EEB Sullivan Lab Metagenomic Analysis of an Ocean Transect in Monterey Bay -
02/02/2010 Dr. Chiou-Rong Sheve Dept. of Biological Resources, National Chiayi University, Taiwan A green miracle - Bizonoplasts, a photosynthetic adaptation of deep shade plants -
02/23/2010 Bradley Christoffersen UA-EEB Saleska Lab Gap-phase and fine root dynamics in context of the tropical phenology problem: An ecohydrological perspective -
03/02/2010 Bryan Helm UA-EEB Davidowitz/Bronstein Labs Revisiting Our Knowledge of Insect Trachea in Light of Metabolic Theory of Ecology -
03/02/2010 Henry Adams UA-EEB Huxman/Breshears Labs Global change and the physiology tree drought mortality:Sensitivity, mechanism, and implications -
03/09/2010 Brigitte Marazzi UA -EEB Sanderson Lab Are extrafloral nectaries a key innovation? Insights from the widespread legume genus Senna -
03/23/2010 Max Li UA-EEB Chesson Lab Tracing the Invasion of Sahara Mustard (Brassica tournefortii) -
03/23/2010 Christine Lamanna UA-EEB Enquist Lab Facilitation of and by Sagebrush in subalpinemeadows: implications for predicting vegetation shifts with climate change -
03/30/2010 Jennifer Hughes UA-EEB Hackett Lab Analysis of expressed genes from stolen prey nuclei in the marine ciliate Myrionecta rubra -
03/30/2010 Gaelen Burke UA-EEB Moran Lab The evolution of an aphid facultative symbiontMoving beyond the predicted syndrome: flower traits and animal visitors in the evening primrose *Oenothera acaulis *(Onagraceae) from Coastal and Andean habitats in Central Chile -
04/06/2010 Sara Felker UA-EEB Venable Lab An empirical test of bet hedging in the heterocarpic desert annual Pectocarya heterocarpa (Boraginaceae) -
04/06/2010 Nhi Duong UA-Entomology & Insect Science Program Division of labor and division of lifespan among bumble bee sisters:Investigating factors that affect response thresholds and longevity of Bombus impatiens workers -
04/13/2010 Chi Yuan UA-EEB Chesson Lab Matrix models for perennial plant community in variable environment -
04/13/2010 Benjamin Blonder UA-EEB Enquist Lab Secrets of the Naked Leaf -
04/20/2010 Steven Foldi UA-EEB Becerra Lab Spatial variation in species richness of insect seed predators on Mesquite (Prosopis spp.) -
04/27/2010 Ellen Suurmeyer UA -EEB Arnold Lab The poison gland of pollinating and non-pollinating fig wasps and its implication in the fig-fig wasp mutualism -