EEB Noon Seminar Archives - 2012

Date Speaker From Title Host
08/28/2012 Dr. Emily Sessa EEB-Barker Lab Reticulate Evolutionary History of New World Dryopteris, the Woodrerns -
08/28/2012 Dr. Matthew Sullivan EEB What is a virus species, or how do we "count" in Viral Ecology? -
09/11/2012 Dr. Michael Sheehan EEB-Nachman Lab Evolution of individual recognition in paper wasps -
09/11/2012 Dr. Brittany Barker EEB-Dlugosch Lab Phylogeography of a widespread Puerto Rican frog: the role of climate change, topography, and human-mediated introductions -
09/18/2012 Clare Aslan EEB-Bronstein Lab Mutualisms between native and non-native species -
09/25/2012 Paul Nabity EEB-Whiteman Lab The extended phenotype of gall forming insects -
09/25/2012 Anna Nelson Dittrich EEB-Whiteman Lab Activity and regulation of AGC protein kinases in plants -
10/09/2012 Dr. Jessie Barker EEB-Bronstein Lab Cooperation and competition in paper wasp and human societies -
10/09/2012 Dr. Tanya Renner PERT Postdoc-Becerra Lab Molecular and functional evolution of class I chitinases for plant carnivory in the Caryophyllales -
10/16/2012 New EEB Graduate Students UA-EEB First Internship Rotation -
10/23/2012 Scott C. Stark UA-EEB On the mechanistic connection of forest canopy structure with productivity and demography in the Amazon -
10/30/2012 Dr. Svjetlana “Lana” Vojvodic Dornhaus Lab Diversity and role of gut symbiotic bacteria of honey bee larvae -
10/30/2012 PingHsun "Benson" Hsieh Hammer and Gutenkunst Lab TBD -
11/06/2012 Dr. Kenia Wiedemann UA-EEB Potassium particle emissions from forests as seeds for aerosols controlling cloud formation and precipitation in Amazonia -
11/06/2012 Dr. Chandreyee Mitra UA-EEB Life history tradeoffs and phenotypic plasticity in a flight polyphenic field cricket -
11/13/2012 Dr. Carla Essenberg UA-EEB Understanding the effects of flower density on pollinator species composition -
11/13/2012 Juliana Schietti UA-EEB Vertical Distance from drainage predicts floristic composition changes in Amazonian rainforest -
11/20/2012 Dr. Lina Li UA-EEB (Chesson Lab) Revisiting the paradox of the plankton -
11/20/2012 Dr. Margaret Evans UA-EEB Climate-driven diversification and trait evolution in plants -
11/27/2012 Julie Messier UA-EEB (Enquist Lab) Ecological filtering on the integrated phenotype -
11/27/2012 Dr. Tory Hendry UA-Plant Sciences (Baltrus Lab) Genome reduction and evolution in an obigate luminous symbiont -
12/04/2012 ECOL 610 Students UA-EEB Internship Presentations -