EEB Noon Seminar Archives - 2013

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/15/2013 Dr. David Inouye U Maryland and RMBL The effects of global and regional climate change on phenology of wildflowers and animals in the Colorado Rocky Mountains Dr. Judie Bronstein
01/22/2013 Daniel Charbonneau UA-EEB (Dornhaus Lab) Lazy ants: a look at colony- and individual-level inactivity in the ant -
01/22/2013 Matthew Nielsen UA-EEB (Papaj Lab) Interacting mechanisms of thermoregulation in Battus philenor caterpillars -
01/29/2013 Deborah Shelton UA-EEB (Michod Lab) Group adaptation: the problem of fleet deer and insights from optimality models of volvocine algae -
01/29/2013 Sarah Bengston UA-EEB (Dornhaus Lab) Behavioral Syndromes in Social Insects: personality across multiple scales -
02/05/2013 Parris Humphrey UA-EEB (Whiteman Lab) The ecology of co-infection: do host defenses shape parasite interactions in the wild? -
02/05/2013 Paul Caradonna UA-EEB (Bronstein Lab) Species-specific phenological shifts reshuffle community-level flowering patterns -
02/12/2013 Lisa Wang UA-EEB (Papaj Lab) The role of larval dietary carotenoids in an adult butterfly's foraging behavior -
02/12/2013 Erin Morrison UA-EEB (Badyaev Lab) Biochemical networks and avian diversification -
02/19/2013 Taichi Suzuki UA-EEB (Nachman Lab) Geographic variation of gut microbial composition in house mice -
02/19/2013 Guanzhu Han UA-EEB (Worobey Lab) Reform and Opening up Facilitated the Emergence of Infectious Disease in the People's Republic of China -
02/26/2013 Erik Hanschen UA-EEB (Michod Lab) Evolution of complex multicellularity: lateral transfer and convergent evolution of a transcription factor gene family -
02/26/2013 Chi Yuan UA-EEB (Chesson Lab) Continuous Multi-structure lottery model for studying species coexistence in variable environment -
03/05/2013 Dr. Jessica Gurevitch SUNY-Stony Brook Research synthesis, generalization, and the nature of scientific evidence Dr. Judie Bronstein
03/12/2013 NO SEMINAR - Spring Break -
03/19/2013 First year cohort UA-EEB Third Internship Presentations (ECOL610) Dr. Renee Duckworth
03/26/2013 Ariella Gladstein UA-EEB (Hammer Lab) The Demographic History of Ashkenazi Jews -
03/26/2013 Pacifica Sommers UA-EEB (Chesson Lab) Competition and apparent competition in the invasion by buffelgrass of the Sonoran Uplands -
04/02/2013 Dr. Polly Campbell UA-EEB (Nachman Lab) Meiotic sex chromosome inactivation and hybrid male sterility in house mice -
04/02/2013 Dana Ting-Ting Lin UA-EEB ( Nachman Lab) Behavioral variation in house mouse (Mus musculus) populations -
04/09/2013 Andy Gloss UA-EEB (Whiteman Lab) Genomic insights into the evolution of herbivory -
04/09/2013 Ben Goldman UA-EEB (Whiteman Lab) Evolution of plant-herbivore interactions -
04/16/2013 Brianna McTeague UA-EEB (Dlugosch Lab) The ecology and evolution of traits affecting species invasions -
04/16/2013 Simon Stump UA-EEB (Chesson Lab) The storage effect and the Janzen-Connell hypothesis -
04/23/2013 Barbara Dobrin UA-EEB (Sanderson Lab) Phylogenetic comparative analysis and phylo-community structure of the global serpentine flora -
04/23/2013 Eugenio Larios UA-EEB (Venable Lab) Maternal adjustment on offspring provisioning: consequences for dispersal -
04/30/2013 Dr. Megan Phifer-Rixey UA-EEB (Nachman Lab) Differentiation and demography: divergence among subspecies of house mice -
04/30/2013 Marielle Smith UA-EEB (Saleska Lab) Roles of forest structure and species diversity in Brazilian Amazon's natural & regenerating forests -
08/27/2013 Yue Max Li UA-EEB (Chesson Lab) From Patches to Landscape: Why and How Spatial Environmental Variation and Scale Affects Species Coexistence? -
08/27/2013 Sergei Solonenko UA-EEB (Sullivan Lab) The use of metagenomics for inference of evolutionary processes -
09/03/2013 Lauren Albert UA-EEB (Huxman Lab) Phenology of an evergreen moist tropical forest: Shifts in leaf demography and physiology during the dry season of the Tapajós National Forest, Brazil -
09/03/2013 Tyeen Taylor UA-EEB (Saleska Lab) The role of isoprene in tropical forests under climate change -
09/10/2013 Matt Sullivan UA-EEB The ecology and evolution of Earth's tiniest aquatic inhabitants, ocean viruses -
09/17/2013 Joanna Masel UA-EEB Rethinking Hardy-Weinberg and genetic drift in undergraduate biology -
09/24/2013 Jeffrey Streicher UA-EEB (Wiens Lab) Heterogeneity in physiological performance at the northern range edge of a tropical frog complex -
09/24/2013 Yue Max Li UA-EEB (Chesson Lab) How to Conduct a Strong Test on Species Coexistence? -
10/01/2013 Anna Dornhaus UA-EEB Information and misinformation: The benefits and costs of communication in groups -
10/08/2013 Chris Johnson UA-EEB (Bronstein Lab) Effects of temperature and resource variation on insect population dynamics: the bordered plant bug (Largus californicus) as a case study -
10/08/2013 Shea Lambert UA-EEB (Wiens Lab) Evolution of viviparity in phrynosomatid lizards -
10/15/2013 First-year cohort (EEB) Internship presentations Renee Duckworth
10/22/2013 Jay McEntee EEB (Masel lab) Songs of mountains near and far: sunbirds of African sky islands -
10/22/2013 Margaret Evans UA-Lab of Tree-Ring Res Process-based modeling of species' responses to climate change – a proof of concept using western North American trees -
10/29/2013 Martin Leslie UA-EEB (Michod Lab) The role of life-history trade offs in the evolution of cell specialization -
10/29/2013 Peter Chesson UA-EEB Multiscale diversity maintenance: removing the constraints of local community studies -
11/05/2013 Matt Andreatta EEB (Masel lab) Diversity of gene duplication across plants -
11/05/2013 Lindsey Sloat UA-EEB (EnquistLab) Midsummer drought effects on subalpine carbon exchange -
11/12/2013 Matthew Nielsen UA-EEB (Papaj Lab) Interactions among different forms of phenotypic plasticity: how caterpillars stay cool -
11/12/2013 Erik Hanschen UA-EEB (Michod Lab) The Ecological Context of the Evolution of Cellular Differentiation -
11/19/2013 PingHsun Benson Hsieh UA-EEB (Hammer&Gutenkunst Labs) Inference of natural selection using high-throughput sequencing technology -
11/19/2013 Julie Messier UA-EEB (Enquist Lab) Ecological filtering on the integrated phenotype -
11/26/2013 Simon Roux UA-EEB (Sullivan Lab) Viral ecology through metagenomics analysis : from community to genotypes -
11/26/2013 Vinh Dang UA-EEB (Sullivan Lab) Antiviral immune responses in abalone and influence of potential abiotic and biotic factors -
12/03/2013 Jin Wu UA-EEB (Saleska Lab) What controls the photosynthesis processes in Amazonian Rainforests? -
12/03/2013 Ariella Gladstein UA-EEB (Hammer Lab) The Demographic History of Ashkenazi Jews -
12/10/2013 First-year cohort (EEB) Internship presentations - this is the last Tuesday seminar of the semester Renee Duckworth