EEB Noon Seminar Archives - 2014

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/21/2014 Simon Stump UA-EEB (Chesson Lab) Specialized predators in a variable world -
01/21/2014 Nicole Fischer UA-EEB (Dornhaus Lab) Does variation in peripheral sensory structures predict response threshold in Temnothorax ants? -
01/28/2014 Sarah Bengston UA-EEB (Dornhaus Lab) The inheritance of behavioral syndromes in social insects -
01/28/2014 Ben Blonder UA-EEB (Enquist Lab) Niches and the n-dimensional hypervolume -
02/04/2014 Paul CaraDonna UA-EEB (Bronstein Lab) Community phenology of flowering plants and bees -
02/04/2014 Guanzhu Han UA-EEB (Worobey Lab) Virus evolution -
02/11/2014 Erin Morrison UA-EEB (Badyaev Lab) Inferring evolutionary history from biochemical network structure -
02/11/2014 Parris Humphrey UA EEB Whiteman Lab Do plant defenses against insects and microbes shape patterns of parasitism in nature? -
02/18/2014 Sarah Richman UA-EEB (Bronstein Lab) Community dynamics of cheating in mutualisms -
02/18/2014 Kelsey Yule UA-EEB (Bronstein Lab) Desert mistletoe species interactions -
02/25/2014 Nicholas Kortessis UA-EEB (Chesson Lab) Evolution of Buffering as a Life-History Strategy -
02/25/2014 Ben Goldman-Huertas EEB (Whiteman lab) Evolution of herbivory in Scaptomyza (Drosophilidae) associated with loss of critical yeast volatile receptors -
03/04/2014 Zach Grochau-Wright UA-EEB (Michod Lab) The Evolutionary History of a Soma Determining Gene -
03/04/2014 Marielle Smith UA-EEB (Saleska&Huxman Lab) Is the Biosphere 2 tropical forest biome really more temperature tolerant than real world tropical forests? -
03/11/2014 First-year cohort (EEB) Internship presentations Renee Duckworth
03/18/2014 No seminar - Spring Break -
03/25/2014 Andy Gloss UA EEB Whiteman Lab Maintenance of diversity through plant-insect interactions -
03/25/2014 Brianna McTeague UA-EEB (Dlugosch Lab) Maternal effects in native and invasive Sonoran desert winter annuals -
04/01/2014 Will Driscoll UA-EEB Predation, autotrophy, and allelopathy: gene discovery and ecological experiments reveal how the toxic, invasive micro-alga does it all -
04/01/2014 Anthony Baniaga UA-EEB (Barker Lab) Genomics of Hyrbidization and Allopolyploidy in Selaginella subg. Tetragonostachys -
04/08/2014 Kea Skeate UA-EEB (Dornhaus Lab) The Evolution of Specialization: Overtime and Career Changes in Social Insects -
04/08/2014 Pacifica Sommers UA-EEB (Chesson Lab) Beyond conjecture and correlation: evidence of invasive species' impacts on biological communities -
04/15/2014 Tim O'Connor UA-EEB (Whiteman Lab) Symbiosis and adaptation of creosote-associated insects: studies of convergence and radiation -
04/15/2014 TBA -
04/22/2014 Chris Gurguis UA-EEB (Duckworth Lab) The origin and early ontogeny of behavioral consistency in a passerine bird -
04/22/2014 Barbara Dobrin UA-EEB (Sanderson Lab) Geographic range evolution of soil-specialized plant clades -
04/29/2014 Ann Gregory UA-EEB (Sullivan Lab) Ecological specialization leads to barriers of gene flow in Pacific Ocean phages -
04/29/2014 Stepfanie Aguillon UA-EEB (Duckworth Lab) The influence of behavior on population dynamics in a passerine bird -
05/06/2014 Judith Becerra UA-EEB A Community Feedback Promotes Insect And Plant Diversities In Tropical Forests -
08/26/2014 No Seminar Today -
09/02/2014 Eran Levin EEB Postdoc Some like it hot: extreme adaptations to hot and arid climate in the mouse tailed bats (Rhinopoma). -
09/09/2014 TBA TBA -
09/16/2014 Simon Stump Chesson Lab Seed germination and mortality in a tropical forest: Effects of soil-borne fungi -
09/16/2014 Joanna Masel EEB Faculty "Fitness" has at least three incommensurable dimensions: growth, efficiency, and competitiveness -
09/23/2014 Niels Groen EEB Postdoc Virus infection of plants alters pollinator preference: A pay-back mechanism for susceptible hosts? -
09/23/2014 Martha Munoz Jonathan Losos Lab (Harvard University) A multidimensional perspective on the role of behavior in evolution -
09/30/2014 Chris Gurguis (MS Defense) Duckworth Lab The early ontogeny and function of individual variation in conspicuous begging behavior in a passerine bird -
10/07/2014 Anthony Baniaga Barker Lab Climatic niche evolution in plant polyploids: a meta-analysis -
10/07/2014 Max Li Chesson Lab Sahara mustard invasion: biogeography, life history and management implication -
10/14/2014 First Year Cohort Rotation presentations TBA -
10/21/2014 No Seminar Today -
10/28/2014 Nicholas Kortessis Chesson Lab Adaptive evolution of traits mediating competition in variable environments. -
10/28/2014 Kun Xiong Masel Lab Solutions to molecular errors in populations of different sizes -
11/04/2014 Shea Lambert Wiens Lab Substitution rate and net diversification are strongly correlated in squamate reptiles -
11/04/2014 PingHsun (Benson) Hsieh Hammer Lab The genetic evidence of natural selection and archaic introgression in Western African Pygmies -
11/11/2014 Veterans Day - No Seminar -
11/18/2014 Lauren Albert Saleska Lab Artificial neural network analysis of seasonal and interannual climate controls on net ecosystem CO2 exchange in a high-elevation subalpine forest -
11/18/2014 Matthew Nielsen Papaj Lab How caterpillars stay cool: studies of plasticity and thermoregulation -
11/25/2014 Fernanda Valdovinos EEB Postdoc Adaptive Foraging Resolves Paradoxes in Pollination Networks Neo Martinez
11/25/2014 Caitlin Stern Santa Fe Institute The effects of limited dispersal on cooperative and competitive interactions among kin -
12/02/2014 Pacifica Sommers Chesson Lab Identifying the mechanisms of impact: How an invasive grass affects native plants in the Sonoran Desert -
12/02/2014 Jin Wu Saleska Lab Leaf Demography Controls Photosynthetic Seasonality in Amazonian Evergreen Forests -
12/09/2014 First Year Cohort Rotation Presentations -