EEB Noon Seminar Archives - 2015

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/20/2015 Benjamin Blonder Science at 9157': how the UA Sky School can help with your research and outreach needs -
01/20/2015 Goggy Davidowitz Moth body-building: within-individual resource allocation strategies used to build a moth -
01/27/2015 Erin Morrison Badyaev Lab Structuring evolution: Biochemical networks and color diversification in birds -
01/27/2015 Paul CaraDonna Bronstein Lab Within-season temporal dynamics of plant-pollinator community interactions. -
02/03/2015 Kelsey Yule Bronstein Lab Mutualist Vectors and the Host-Associated Genetic Differentiation of a Parasitic Plant -
02/03/2015 Erik Hanschen Michod Lab Looking to small colonial species to understand the evolution of multicellularity -
02/10/2015 Ariella Gladstein Hammer Lab Identifying a genetic modifier in a family with genetic epilepsy with febrile seizures plus -
02/10/2015 Zach Grochau-Wright Michod Lab Increasing Complexity: The Origin of the Genetic Basis for Cellular Differentiation in the Volvocine Algae -
02/17/2015 Andy Gloss Whiteman Lab A framework for identifying genetic variation maintained by spatially varying selection -
02/17/2015 Ben Goldman Whiteman Lab Olfactory system evolution and the transition to herbivory -
02/24/2015 Jared Padway Hackett Lab The Maintenance and Variation of Mixotrophy in Prymnesium parvum -
02/24/2015 Marielle Smith Saleska Lab Modeling "The Nothing": Can population demography be used to model forest gap dynamics? -
03/03/2015 Moira Hough Saleska Lab Tracing carbon inputs across a permafrost thaw gradient -
03/10/2015 First Year Cohort Internship Research Presentations -
03/17/2015 Spring Break No Seminar -
03/24/2015 Sam Anderson Dlugosch Lab Rapid adaptation in the face of gene flow -
03/24/2015 Gordon Smith Papaj Lab Costs and Benefits of of Manduca sexta for two Datura species -
03/31/2015 Joe Braasch Dlugosch Lab Differences in adaptive potential between and across communities in the presence of selection -
03/31/2015 Xing-Yue Monica Ge Venable Lab A better self? A story of mating system in Hypericum canariense invasions -
04/07/2015 Zheng Li Barker Lab Testing the model of conifer genome evolution -
04/07/2015 Joey Charboneau Sanderson Lab Drivers of diversification in a large clade of legumes: New World Astragalus. -
04/14/2015 Alice Cang Dlugosch Lab Linking genome size, transposable elements evolution and biological invasion -
04/14/2015 Gavin Leighton EEB PERT Postdoc Cooperation, conflict, and evolutionary maintenance of communal nests in sociable weavers -
04/21/2015 Tim O'Connor Whiteman Lab Symbiosis and the evolution of creosote herbivores -
04/21/2015 Barbara Dobrin Sanderson Lab Phylogeographic Reconstructions Suggest that Range Expansions Accompanied Adaptation to Serpentine Soil -
04/28/2015 Nicole Fischer Dornhaus Lab You are what you sense: Exploring peripheral nervous system mechanisms of task allocation in ants -
04/28/2015 Sarah Richman Bronstein Lab Determinants of a life of crime: The role of social information in nectar robbing -
05/05/2015 Kea Skeate Dornhaus Lab Divide and Labor: Group Size, Demand, and Specialization in Social Insects. -
05/05/2015 Ty Taylor Saleska Lab The role of plant volatiles in forest-atmosphere interactions, and a new system to quantify leaf emissions in the field. -
09/01/2015 Paul Nelson Post Doc in Masel Lab Environmental change breaks down the drift barrier leading to robustness to error -
09/01/2015 Joanna Masel EEB A new approach to teaching undergraduate probability and statistics -
09/08/2015 Nick Kortessis Chesson Lab The role of a fluctuating environment in adaptive evolution of competitive ability -
09/08/2015 Nicole Fischer Dornhaus Lab Exploring variation in synaptic architecture as a basis for division of labor in Temnothorax ants -
09/15/2015 David Hembry Post Doc in Dlugosch Lab Island biogeography of coevolution: diversification and community assembly in a plant-insect brood pollination mutualism in Polynesia -
09/22/2015 David Breshears UA Professor in SNRE & EEB Joint Faculty On underestimation of global vulnerability to tree mortality and forest die-off from hotter drought in the Anthropocene -
09/22/2015 Greg Barron-Gafford UA Assistant Professor in School of Geography and Development Examining ecosystem function in space and time within the Critical Zone through the lens of Ecology and Biogeography -
09/29/2015 Ariella Gladstein Hammer Lab The effect of SNP array ascertainment bias on identification of runs of homozygosity -
09/29/2015 Xinshuai Qi Post Doc in Barker Lab Brassica evolution influenced by polyploidization and domestication -
10/06/2015 Pat Lu-Irving Post Doc in Dlugosch Lab Fruit evolution and diversification in Lantana and Lippia (Verbenaceae) -
10/13/2015 First Year Cohort Rotation Presentation -
10/20/2015 Elsa Abs Ferriere & Saleska labs Carbon cycle feedback to climate warming: putting microbial evolution in the picture -
10/20/2015 Jason Bertram Post Doc in Masel Lab Predicting patterns of long-term adaptation and extinction with population genetics -
10/27/2015 Shana Wells Post Doc in Dlugosch Lab TBA -
11/03/2015 Jesse Czekanski-Moir Barker Lab Genome evolution in the Mollusca -
11/03/2015 Sarah Richman Bronstein Lab Intraguild interactions within a multispecies pollination mutualism -
11/10/2015 Zach Grochau-Wright Michod Lab One or Many Roads Towards Complexity? Determining the Genetic Basis for Cellular Differentiation in Divergent Volvox Species -
11/10/2015 Korinna Allhoff Visiting Post Doc Evolution and migration in ecological networks Neo Martinez
11/17/2015 EEB The 2015 Hoshaw Awards presentation -
11/17/2015 Georgy Semenov G.G. Simpson Postdoctoral Fellow Origin vs. maintenance of species: Insights from genomic and morphological analyses across a hybrid zone EEB
11/24/2015 Patrick Ferris Post Doc in Michod Lab Sex induction in Volvox -
11/24/2015 Erik Hanschen Michod Lab Cell cycle regulation and the evolution of multicellularity -
12/01/2015 Tania Hernandez Post Doc in Wiens Lab Phylogenetic relationships and evolutionary trends in the cactus family -
12/01/2015 Laura Meredith Post Doc in Saleska Lab Old dog, new tricks? Characterizing the role of ancient microbial carbonic anhydrase enzymes in modern biogeochemical cycles -
12/08/2015 First Year Cohort Rotation Presentation -