EEB Noon Seminar Archives - 2016

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/19/2016 Joey Charboneau Sanderson Lab Selenium hyperaccumulation in a rapid radiation of legumes -
01/19/2016 Tim O'Connor Whiteman Lab Host plant polyploidy structures herbivorous insect communities -
01/26/2016 Anthony Baniaga Barker Lab Recently sequenced fern and lycophyte genomes reveal different transposable element dynamics compared to angiosperms -
01/26/2016 Barbara Dobrin Sanderson Lab Terraced treescapes in recent phylogenomic and comparative studies -
02/02/2016 Marielle Smith Saleska Lab Evidence that tropical forest photosynthesis is not directly limited by temperature -
02/02/2016 Moira Hough Saleska Lab Tracing plant inputs to microbial feedbacks in arctic carbon cycling -
02/09/2016 Erin Morrison Badyaev Lab The landscape of evolution: Reconciling structural and dynamic properties of metabolic networks in adaptive diversifications -
02/09/2016 Ty Taylor Saleska Lab Isoprenoid emissions from an Amazonian forest: determining ecological controls on a cryptic plant trait -
02/16/2016 Joe Braasch Dlugosch Lab Effective population size variation and local adaptation in invasion -
02/16/2016 Alice Cang Dlugosch Lab Transposable element evolution in an invasive plant -
02/23/2016 Gordon Smith Papaj & Bronstein Labs Intraspecific variation and sex differences in pollination behavior -
02/23/2016 Kelsey Yule Bronstein Lab Host species mediates the reproductive ecology of a parasitic plant -
03/01/2016 Josh Scholl Venable Lab Multiple strategies and bet hedging in the Southwest -
03/01/2016 Ahvi Potticary Duckworth Lab Contingency in the expression of a complex trait: An example with cooperative breeding -
03/08/2016 First Year Cohort Rotation Presentation -
03/15/2016 Spring Break No Seminar -
03/22/2016 Stacy Jorgensen Barker Lab Genome evolution and population genomics in a Sky Islands allotetraploid lycophyte -
03/22/2016 Monica Ge Venable Lab Genetic correspondence to three decades of climate change: Test In a long-term ecological study -
03/29/2016 Dinah Davison Michod Lab Complexity, plasticity and canalization in the volvocine green algae -
03/29/2016 Dr. Jeff Le Galliard Visiting Research Scientist from CNRS in Paris Cryptic ultraviolet coloration in lizards: color vision, badges of social status, and amplifiers -
04/05/2016 Angela Kaczowka Venable Lab The life of a Seed: Longevity and Mortality -
04/05/2016 Evan Kelemen Dornhaus Lab How plastic is diversity in social insect colonies -
04/12/2016 Brendan Larsen Worobey Lab Resolving the age of viral lineages from ancient DNA -
04/12/2016 Zheng Li Barker Lab Multiple whole genome duplications during the evolution of hexapods -
04/19/2016 Liz Miller Wiens Lab Drivers of the Marine-Terrestrial Biodiversity Gradient with comments on Linnaean Taxonomy -
04/19/2016 Hongseok Ko Martinez Lab Comparing the complex and the simple: Some bioeconomic conclusions from Allometric Trophic Network (ATN) models -
04/26/2016 Neill Prohaska Saleska Lab El Niño and Plant Water Stress in the Northeast Amazon: Implications for Rainforest Drought Response -
04/26/2016 Brian Maitner Enquist Lab Comparative Community Phylogenetics -
05/03/2016 Matt Nielsen Papaj Lab Interactions among multiple plastic traits: causes and consequences -
05/03/2016 Loren Albert Saleska Lab Interpreting chlorophyll fluorescence signals: the effects of leaf age -
09/13/2016 Kayla Sale Martinez Lab Modeling pollination in food webs -
09/20/2016 Elinor Lichtenberg Bronstein Lab Context dependency of bumble bee nectar robbing -
09/20/2016 Hannah Marx Barker Lab Disentangling drivers of floristic diversity in island systems using phylogenetic approaches -
09/27/2016 Erik Hanschen Michod Lab The Evolution of Sex and Mating Systems in the Volvocine Algae -
10/04/2016 Margaret Evans EEB and Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research Using data to improve niche/distribution models of western U. S. trees -
10/11/2016 First Year Cohort Rotation Presentation -
10/18/2016 Nick Kortessis Chesson Lab Revisiting the evolution of seed dormancy: the influence of temporal variation in germination -
10/18/2016 Coline Jaworski Becerra Lab The olfactory receptor repertoire of Blepharida verdea: Revisiting the history of chemosensory perception in Coleoptera -
10/25/2016 Liz Miller Wiens Lab Explaining the longitudinal diversity gradient and the origin of 17,000 fish species: Why is the coral triangle exceptional? -
11/01/2016 Nick DiRienzo Dornhaus Lab The role of development vs. state in driving individual differences in behavior and the extended phenotype -
11/01/2016 Sophie Gryseels Mike Worobey's Lab Evolutionary relationships between African arenaviruses and their rodent hosts -
11/08/2016 Jeffrey Hutchings Dalhousie University Interactions between life history, recovery and resilience in fishes Neo Martinez
11/15/2016 David Kikuchi Dornhaus Lab Mechanisms of evolution in Batesian mimicry -
11/15/2016 Timothy Polnaszek Dornhaus Lab Gullibility and deception in animal communication -
11/22/2016 Pat Lu-Irving Dlugosch Lab Leveraging species invasions to improve understanding of character evolution and diversification -
11/29/2016 Monica Ge Venable Lab A functional trade-off shapes the structure of a desert winter annual plant community -
11/29/2016 Sarah Richman Bronstein Lab Evidence of asymmetric competition between mutualists of varying quality -
12/06/2016 First Year Cohort Rotation Presentation -