EEB Noon Seminar Archives - 2017

Date Speaker From Title Host
01/17/2017 Joey Charboneau Sanderson Lab Exploring terraces in phylogenetic tree space and chloroplast genome rearrangements in a large clade of legumes. -
01/24/2017 Hongseok Ko Martinez Lab Bioeconomic exploitation of multitrophic models of fishery ecosystems -
01/24/2017 David Hembry Whiteman Lab Repeated transitions from mutualism to parasitism and ecological opportunity in leafflower-moth interactions. -
01/31/2017 Anthony Baniaga Barker Lab Climatic niche evolution in plant polyploids -
01/31/2017 Stacy Jorgensen Barker Lab Genetic variation in diploid and polyploid plants. -
02/07/2017 Kelly Hallinger Post Doc in Duckworth Lab Context-dependent fitness consequences of extra-pair paternity in Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) -
02/07/2017 Danilo Neves Post Doc in Enquist Lab Drought-stress structures evolutionary diversity in tropical tree communities -
02/14/2017 Dr. Anna Dornhaus What is the scientific method or: What I learned at a recent panel about how to write a DDIG proposal -
02/14/2017 Shea Lambert Wiens Lab Field herpetology and alpha taxonomy in Madagascar: the why and how -
02/21/2017 Kelsey Yule Bronstein Lab Infrapopulation size and composition influences the reproductive success of a parasitic plant -
02/21/2017 Ahvi Potticary Duckworth Lab On the origin of complex behaviors: an example with facultative cooperative breeding -
02/28/2017 Joe Braasch Dlugosch Lab An invasive population provides early insights into the study evolution at the community scale -
02/28/2017 Gordon Smith Papaj & Bronstein Labs Interannual Variation in Hawkmoth Pollen Loads -
03/07/2017 First Year Cohort Rotation Presentations -
03/07/2017 EEB The Hoshaw Award Presentation -
03/14/2017 Spring Break No Seminar -
03/21/2017 Nicole Fischer Dornhaus Lab Invasion-associated traits and genome size in yellow starthistle -
03/21/2017 Zach Grochau-Wright Michod Lab Cellular Differentiation in the Volvocine Green Algae -
03/28/2017 Alriela Gladstein Hammer Lab Inferring Demographic History with Approximate Bayesian Computation -
03/28/2017 Elsa Abs Ferrier Lab Microbial plastic responses and eco-evolutionary dynamics mediate carbon cycle feedback to climate change. -
03/28/2017 Evan Kelemen Dornhaus Lab The role of variation in a complex system -
04/04/2017 Neill Prohaska Saleska Lab Microbial leaf population size along height and light gradients in an Amazonian moist tropical forest -
04/04/2017 Brendan Larsen Worobey Lab Ancient and divergent viruses from small Arizona mammals -
04/11/2017 Matt Rhodes Bronstein Lab Tolerance to herbivory as an adaptation in a pollination mutualism -
04/11/2017 Josh Scholl Venable Lab How frequently is plant recruitment limited by seed number versus microsite availability -
04/18/2017 Alice Cang Dlugosch Lab Invasion-associated traits and genome size in yellow starthistle -
04/18/2017 Kea Skeate Dornhaus Lab Colony Size, Nest Architecture, and Division of Labor in Social Insects -
04/25/2017 Moira Hough Saleska Lab Contribution of leaf litter decay to CO2 fluxes across an arctic permafrost thaw gradient -
04/25/2017 Dinah Davison Michod Lab Changes in phenotypic variability during the evolution of multicellularity in the volvocine algae -
05/02/2017 Brian Maitner Enquist Lab The BIEN package for R: An introduction and brief tutorial -
08/22/2017 Chiou-Rong Sheue Recent chloroplast diversification in the ancient genus Selaginella Peter Chesson
08/29/2017 Joanna Masel De novo genes and the long-term direction of their subsequent evolution -
09/05/2017 Kevin Gomez Masel Lab Modeling How Evolution in One Trait is Affected by Adaptation in Another -
09/12/2017 Jason Bertram Masel Lab Boom-bust cycles as stabilizers of genetic variation: a comparison with the storage effect -
09/12/2017 Nick Kortessis Chesson Lab Evolution of the storage effect: character displacement on a fluctuating resource and the importance of constraints -
09/19/2017 Paul Nelson Masel Lab Intercellular Competition and the Inevitability of Multicellular Aging -
09/19/2017 Luke Kosinski Masel Lab Stop codon readthrough errors purge cryptic sequences, facilitating coding sequence birth -
09/26/2017 Peter Chesson Climate Change Community Ecology -
09/26/2017 Alyssa Smith Dlugosch Lab Ploidy plasticity and stress responses in a global invader -
10/03/2017 Erica Newman Falk Lab, SNRE Integrating Disturbance Ecology with Macroecology -
10/03/2017 Kun Xiong Masel Lab Overrepresentation of feed forward loops through adaptive and non-adaptive evolution -
10/10/2017 First Year Cohort First Year Cohort Rotation Presentation -
10/17/2017 Michael Donoghue Yale Biogeography, biome shifting, and functional traits in a widespread plant clade -
10/24/2017 Regis Ferriere Revisiting Darwin’s principle of divergence: How ecology and landscape dynamics control the macroevolutionary rates of speciation and extinction -
10/31/2017 Sandra Durán Enquist Lab Estimating functional diversity of plant communities from airborne imaging -
10/31/2017 Danilo Neves Enquist Lab Mapping diversity in the era of Big Data -
11/07/2017 Monica Ge Venable Lab Functional traits trade-off in desert winter annuals -
11/07/2017 Josh Scholl Venable Lab Seed heteromorphism in the southwest -
11/14/2017 Jennifer Jandt Maternal interactions influence developmental pathways in wasps Anna Dornhaus
11/14/2017 Stacy Jorgensen Barker Lab Population genomics and polyploid origins of Selaginella rupincola, a Sky Islands lycophyte -
11/21/2017 Bill Birky A Theory-based Method for DNA Barcoding of Bacteria (and Everything Else) -
11/28/2017 Moira Hough Saleska Lab TBD -
11/28/2017 Daniel Portik Wiens Lab Sexual dichromatism promotes diversification in African amphibians -
12/05/2017 First Year Cohort First Year Cohort Rotation Presentations -