Change of Major

Are you considering changing your major to Biology or EEB, or adding either of these programs as a secondary major, degree, or minor?

In order to complete this process, you must meet with the Biology or EEB academic advisor.  You can schedule an appointment specifically for declaring a major through our online appointment system.

Prior to your advising appointment, you should review the program requirements for either the Biology or EEB majors.  Both programs require completion of high-level mathematics and science courses and certain math placement levels are required to begin the foundational science courses and required math courses.  College-level Intermediate Algebra is a required prerequisite for Introductory Biology and Physics, and College Algebra is a prerequisite for Introductory General Chemistry.  Pre-Calculus (MATH 120R) or College Algebra and Trigonometry (MATH 111 & 112) are required prerequisites for Calculus I.  You will need to obtain the appropriate math levels before beginning any foundational science or major courses. 

Please note that we do not declare new majors during priority registration. We can meet with you during drop-ins to recommend a spring schedule. We can declare a major and create a plan when we resume half hour appointments after priority registration is complete.