First Year PhD Student Rotation Talks

First Year PhD Student Rotation Talks

Samantha King (Barker lab) "Plant chloroplast coevolution as a driver of genomic patterns in hybrid species"

Ulises Hernandez (Gutenkunst lab) “Measuring robustness of groups of human genes using distribution of genetic variation data”

Rebecca Bland (Arnold lab), "The effect of fungal symbionts on woody shrub success in an invaded grassland"

Qiuyu Jiang (Enard lab) "Detecting ancient epidemic with a single individual host genome" 

Jessica Szetela (Arnold lab), "Examining the role of symbionts in facilitating invasion"

Mruthyunjay Sumathi (Saleska lab), “Comparing models that estimate methane flux in Stordalen Mire: Ecosys Vs DNDC”

Savannah Fuqua (Barberan lab), "Invasion and restoration alter soil microbial community function"   

Rollie Grinder (Davidowitz lab) “Effects of melanism and heat source on growth rate of Hyles lineata

Pablo Aran (Barberan lab), “Exploring and analyzing metagenomics data from National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)”

Tuesday Seminar, 12:30pm, ENR2 S225 & Zoom


12:30 p.m. March 15, 2022