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Tuesday "Noon" Seminar
2021-22 Seminar Sign-up
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Graduate Student Representatives
Spring 2022
Geoff Finch -
Yichao Zeng -

Fall 2021
Chinmay Joshi -
Geoff Finch -

Spring 2021
Alison Harrington -
Chinmay Joshi -

Graduate Student Handbooks
Graduate Student Handbook - PhD & MS
Graduate Student Handbook - Accelerated Master's Program (AMP)

Graduate College Information
Graduate College's Graduate Student Academic Services - Provides information regarding degree requirements, deadlines, dissertation/thesis information.
Graduate College's Funding and Financial Information - Provides links for funding opportunities and GA Manual. GA Manual is the Graduate College's manual for TAs and RAs.

Graduate Advising

Pennie Rabago
Graduate Program Coordinator
Biosciences West 324
1041 E. Lowell St.
Tucson, AZ 85721-0088
(520) 621-9328