Master's Program

M.S. Checklist


Fall (1st semester):

Spring (2nd semester):

  • Complete Master's Plan of Study form - online GradPath Form in UAccess Student Center.
  • Complete Master's Committee Appointment form - online GradPath Form.
  • Strongly recommended - taking ECOL 600A (Fundamentals of Evolution)
  • Submit transfer credit evaluation form - online GradPath Form.


  • Meet with Master's Committee to review research progress and get advice on research direction - file departmental form J(a).


  • Complete 30 units - 15 must be graded credits and at least 24 credits must be non-thesis credits.
  • Complete at least 1 thesis unit (ECOL 910)
  • Highly recommend completing the EEB Grad Core Courses - ECOL 600A and ECOL 600B
  • Complete and defend thesis
  • Submit your thesis to the Graduate College through UMI Electronic Submission Site.  Please see Graduate College's Submission Process.