8th Street Greenhouses

General Information

The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department administers a greenhouse facility two blocks South of main campus. The facility includes eight bays of temperature-controlled glass houses, which can be used for a wide variety of controlled environment research in proximity to main campus research laboratories.



  • Glass construction

  • Controlled cooling and heating

  • Controlled supplemental lighting

  • Adjustable shading

  • Adjustable bench configuration

  • Head house and prep tables

  • Accommodations for plant (soil- and hydroponic-based), insect, and soil research



Rates (as of 1 July, 2019)

Houses are available in two sizes:

North Houses (Building 111)

  • 31’ x 15’ (465 sq. ft.) interior floor space
  • movable 2.75’ x 6.75’ benches (easily reconfigured/removed)
  • $200/mo (i.e. 0.43/sq. ft./mo)

South Houses (Building 111A)

  • 27’ x 21’ (567 sq. ft.) interior floor space
  • four rolling benches, affixed (2 @ 4’ x 22’ and 2 @ 4.5’ x 19.5’)
  • $244/mo (i.e. 0.43/sq. ft./mo)

Rentals of fractions of a house are possible, based upon availability of space with suitable conditions.

Renting Space

Contact greenhouse management at

Jennifer Laczny, Greenhouse Manager

Dr. Katrina Dlugosch, Faculty Supervisor


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