Arizona Online Bachelors of Science in Biology

Arizona Online Bachelor of Science in Biology

The University of Arizona Online's BS in Biology offers the same exceptional and rigorous educational experience as the BS in Biology major offered on main campus. With Arizona Online you’ll have the freedom to work toward your degree from anywhere in the world, on your own schedule.

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Jill Hewins


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Stephanie advises online students majoring in Biology, Bioinformatics, and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

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Arizona ONLINE students

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Stephanie advises online students majoring in Biology, Bioinformatics, and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

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Biomedical Sciences Emphasis 

Organismal Biology Emphasis


Two courses required for the Biomedical Sciences track are not offered in a fully-online format: CHEM 243A Organic Chemistry Lab I (1-unit) and CHEM 243B Organic Chemistry Lab II (1-unit). Students on this track will need to take both courses at UArizona during summer presession (available starting Summer 2022) or an alternative institution for equivalent transfer credit. (Note: We recommend the Biomedical Sciences track for students who intend to apply to professional health programs post-graduation.)

Major Elective Courses

Upper-division electives for online Biology majors may be chosen from the lists below. It is your responsibility to make sure you have met any course pre-requisites. Questions or problems with registration should be directed to the department offering the course.

Spring Course Offerings

Spring 2023 Electives - Online Biology Majors

Summer Course Offerings

Summer 2023 Electives - Online Biology Majors

Fall Course Offerings

Fall 2023 Electives - Online Biology Majors


About the Program

The Bachelor of Science in Biology is offered by our top-ranked program renowned for groundbreaking scientific discoveries and a long tradition of involving students in leading-edge research. This degree is for students interested in biodiversity and the natural world who want the flexibility to pursue careers in medicine, health, agriculture and environment. The curriculum provides a broad overview of the structure, function, and evolution of biological systems from component parts—molecules and cells—to organisms, communities and ecosystems. Biology majors choose from two degree emphases: Biomedical Sciences and Organismal Biology.

The online Bachelor’s degree in Biology can be completed fully online.  However, some post-graduate professional programs do not accept prerequisite courses taken online.  Be sure to check the policies for post-graduate programs you may want to attend.

Biomedical Sciences

The Biomedical Sciences emphasis is for students who plan to pursue careers in biomedical research, pre-med students interested in medicine and other health professions. The program of study provides training in systems biology with a focus on anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, and includes all of the coursework covered on the MCAT and required for admission to medical school.

Featured Courses

ECOL 220 – Evolutionary Medicine

Like all biological systems, both disease-causing organisms and their victims evolve. Learn how the basic processes of evolution can help us understand the genetic roots of human diseases.

ECOL 326 – Genomics

This course introduces both historical and cutting-edge methods for investigating genomes, and integrates exercises that apply web-based computational tools for genome analysis. 

ECOL 437 – Vertebrate Physiology

A study of the physiological mechanisms of vertebrates. Topics include reproductive systems; digestion; terrestrial osmoregulation; endocrine and nervous systems; energetics; and the thermodynamics of dinosaurs. 

Organismal Biology

The Organismal Biology emphasis is for students interested in careers as professional biologists and educators. The program of study provides training in systems biology with a focus on animal behavior, genetics, ecology and evolution.

Featured Courses

ECOL 206 – Environmental Biology

Learn about the natural forces that generate and maintain the diversity of life on Earth, as well as the myriad interactions among biotic and abiotic components of ecosystems. Assess the role that humans have played in changing the natural environment.

ECOL 409 – Evolution of Infectious Disease

Pathogens yield key insights into the nature of the evolutionary processes that shape all of life on Earth. Learn how evolutionary insights and approaches advance our understanding of the nature of diseases, help us track their origins, and enable us to control their spread.

ECOL 487R – Animal Behavior

Examine the diversity of animal behavior among species. Gain the ability to find, evaluate, synthesize, and apply scientific information.


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