Ph.D. Minor for Non-EEB Students

Ph.D. Minor for Non-EEB Students

Minor Advisor

The minor advisor must be an EEB core tenure/ tenure-track/ tenure-equivalent faculty member. Students may petition the Department Head for special approval to appoint joint faculty or affiliate personnel as the minor advisor.

Required Coursework

It is expected that course work for an EEB minor will consist of ECOL home courses.  Students must select 9 units from the Elective Coursework listed below. Cross-listed courses and transfer credits will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Department Head has final say in accepting course work for the minor.

Elective Coursework

Strongly recommended courses:
ECOL 600A - Fundamentals in Evolution, 3 units
ECOL 600B - Fundamentals in Ecology, 3 units

Other Elective Courses:

ECOL 506R - Conservation Biology, 3 units
ECOL 526 - Population Genetics, 3 units
ECOL 553 - Functional and Evolutionary Genomics, 4 units
ECOL 572 - Systematic Botany, 4 units
ECOL 573 - Topics in Behavioral Ecology, 3 units
ECOL 575 - Freshwater and Marine Algae, 4 units
ECOL 578 - Global Change, 3 units
ECOL 580 - Mathematical Models in Biology, 3 units
ECOL 582 - Ichthyology, 4 units
ECOL 583 - Herpetology, 4 units
ECOL 584 - Ornithology, 4 units
ECOL 585 - Mammalogy, 4 units
ECOL 586 - Biological Scaling, 2-3 units
ECOl 587R/587L - Animal Behavior Lecture/Lab, 3 units/1 unit
ECOL 596A - Evolutionary Ecology, 2 units
ECOL 596B - Population Biology, 1 unit
ECOL 596I - Biology of Introduced and Invasive Species, 2 units
ECOL 596J - Plant Population Ecology, 2-3 units
ECOL 596W - Special Topics in Ecology and Evolution A, 1-3 units
ECOL 596X - Special Topics in Ecology and Evolution B, 1-3 units
ECOL 900 - Research, 1-8 units

Additional courses within EEB are eligible to meet the coursework requirement upon approval of the minor faculty advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies.

Total Credits Required

9 units