Cesar Hinojo Hinojo

Enquist Lab


  • Postdoc with Brian Enquist Lab at UofA (remote sensing of global plant functional diversity, two years).
  • Postdoc with Michael Goulden, Department of Earth System Sciences, University of California Irvine (remote sensing of ecological processes across biomes, two years).
  • Postdoc at Plant Ecophysiology Lab, Universidad de Sonora, Mexico (ecosystem carbon and water fluxes, 3 months).
  • Phd in Biosciences, Universidad de Sonora, on plant and ecosystem level ecophysiology.
  • Masters in Biosciences, Universidad de Sonora, Mexico (plant and ecosystem level ecophysiology),
  • BS in Biology, Universidad de Sonora, Mexico (plant ecophysiology)

Research Interests: 

I am trying to develop a more integrative plant ecophysiology, to achieve a generalizable understanding of the biological and biodiversity controls over ecosystem processes across scales of space and time, and levels of ecological complexity.