Geoffrey Finch

Barker Lab

Office/Lab Location: BSW 321

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  • University of Arizona, PhD (2019-Present)
  • University of Cincinnati, BS - Biology
  • University of Southern California, BA - Linguistics

Research Interests: 

I am interested in plant genome evolution, with an emphasis on chromosome number variation, low chromosome numbers, and the sunflower family, Asteraceae.


  • Finch, G. S., S. Nandyal, C. Perretta, B. Davies, A. J. Rosendale, C. J. Holmes, J. D. Gantz, D. E. Spacht, S. T. Bailey, X. Chen, K. Oyen, E. M. Didion, S. Chakraborty, R. E. Lee Jr., D. L. Denlinger, S. F. Matter, G. M. Attardo, M. T. Weirauch, and J. B. Benoit. (2020) Multi-level analysis of reproduction in an Antarctic midge identifies female and male accessory gland products that are altered by larval stress and impact progeny viability. Scientific Reports 10:19791.