B.S. Biology - General Biology



Prepare for a variety of careers in medicine, health, agriculture and environment.

About the Major

The Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Organismal Biology is for students interested in pursuing careers as professional biologists and educators. The program of study provides training in systems biology with a focus on animal behavior, genetics, ecology and evolution. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in independent research, either by working in faculty labs or through targeted programs.

Degree requirements prior to Spring 2022:

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements prior to Spring 2022:

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements 2023 catalog:

Degree Requirements

Course Planning

Hey current Biology majors - Unsure which courses to enroll in next? Follow the link below for suggested course sequences. For additional guidance, you can also view the Sample Four-Year Plans attached to your major’s Degree Check-sheet linked above.  

Course Sequence Guide for Biology and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Majors


Graduates of our Organismal Biology program have gone on to careers in:

  • Forensic science
  • Zoology and wildlife biology
  • Ecotourism
  • Conservation
  • Science and technical writing
  • Law (students in this degree are eligible for the Patent Law exam)

They are also highly successful in gaining admission to graduate and professional programs that lead to careers in:

  • Biological Research (PhD)
  • Law (JD)
  • Education (MEd, MA)
  • Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Pharmacy (PharmD)