Graduate Students

Sarah Britton


Davidowitz Lab


Michael Worobey

Department Head

Louise Foucar Marshall Science Research Professor

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Research & Lab Personnel

Andreas Braendholt

Technical Expert

Saleska Lab

Kaitlyn Gahl

Research/Laboratory Aide

Badyaev Lab

Richard Wehr

Research Associate

Saleska Lab

Derrick Zwickl

Research Associate

Sanderson Lab

Academic & Administrative

Melanie Bucci

Curatorial/Museum Specialist

UAZ Natural History Collections

Megan Cunnington

Senior Academic Advisor I

EEB Undergraduate Program

Angela Hoover

Laboratory Coordinator, Senior

Introductory Biology II

Sarah Kortessis

Program Coordinator

EEB Undergraduate Program

Jennifer Laczny

Research Technician

EEB Greenhouses

David McGuiggan

Senior Academic Advisor I

EEB Undergraduate Program

Pennie Rabago

Program Coordinator, Senior

EEB Graduate Program

Business Center

Emeritus Faculty

Conrad A. Istock

Professor Emeritus

Margaret Kidwell

Regents Professor Emerita

Robert Mellor

Associate Professor Emeritus

Walter B. Miller

Professor Emeritus

Stephen M. Russell

Associate Professor Emeritus

Donald A. Thomson

Associate Professor Emeritus

Joint Faculty

David Breshears

Regents Professor, Natural Resources and the Environment

Rachel Gallery

Associate Professor, Natural Resources and the Environment

Ryan Gutenkunst

Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Rod Wing

Bud Antle Endowed Chair Professor, Plant Sciences

Affiliated Faculty

Kevin Bonine

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Director of Education & Outreach, Biosphere 2

Director of Outreach Initiatives, College of Science

Peter Reinthal

Curator, UAZ Natural History Collections

Adjunct Associate Professor

Ryan Ruboyianes

Director, Introductory Biology Labs